1/1 Minimal Art: Ordinal MIMI


Minimal Art Inscribed on Bitcoin


What is Ordinal MIMI about?

Ordinal MIMI is a collection of 333 original 1/1 minimal artworks permanently inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. The works focus on colors, simple shapes, composition, and eyes.

This collection represents the artist’s first release on Ordinals, having previously created art on the ETH chain.

The pieces are designed to be the most minimal expression of the artist’s design capabilities, stripping down to the essentials of color, shape, composition, and character.



Who is the Founder?

OTO is a graphic designer and artist active in Japan. He started creating NFTs on the ETH blockchain in 2021 and entered Ordinals in March 2023.

OTO’s work ranges from minimal pieces like OrdinalMIMI to complex, detailed generative art.


The intention behind the project

The goal was to integrate the art I’ve cultivated so far into the history of Bitcoin, to express a spirit of adventure and challenge, and to show respect for the blockchain.



What are your future plans for Ordinal MIMI?

While Ordinal MIMI is complete, I once created a generative art piece called Apoptosis using a technique called recursion, with OrdinalMIMI as the endpoint. I hope to create more works in the future with MIMI as an endpoint. As an artist, I want to further refine my generative and audiovisual works.


Thoughts about OrdinalNews.io ?

I have a good impression of them for introducing news and alpha about Ordinals early on and featuring artists.




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