Apostles of Greed


a complete Ordinals collection



– 888/2664 Orange eyes apostles are inscribed on the oldest block 9

– we dry-ran transactions until 888 inscriptions all got ids starting with “88888”

– all apostles have 888sats padding

– The 1/1 have “88888…8888iX” ids, 888bytes, and their creation tx used 88888sats

– all parented by the tome inscribed on “adarkfuture”
sat (
ord.io/45177100 )

+ the good ol’ audio responses


Mint Date

11March 2024
15:30 UTC






0.00888 BTC



Magic Eden



1h guaranteed
1h public
presale claim



The elements a good collection should have:


1. Provenance

The parent-child method is not very easy to implement. However, it is, in my opinion, required for the unitarity of the collection on-chain. In 50-100 years from now, the off-chain metadata that holds the collection together might be lost, but if you use parent-chid, the provenance will be forever stored on-chain.


2. Rare sats ( a worthy canvas )

With Ordinals, the creators have two more dimensions to work with: low inscription numbers and rare sats. Both have the potential to solidify a collection and establish it as a “first-of-its-kind”. @BitcoinShrooms,@nodemonkes: both leveraging low inscription #. @OrdinalMaxiBiz, the first full collection on block 9 sats. Think about it, it’s not a coincidence that these collections do well. There is still space to pioneer new and interesting rare sats, just look at @inkonbtc popularizing Legacy Sats.


3. Art

Art is obviously the foundation of any collection. Find an amazing artist and never let him go. I know I will always be honored to work with the Apostles of Greed’s artist.


4. Extra features: try to be the first to create something

Ordinals and Bitcoin are a complex framework. You can always add some value to the ecosystem and lead by example. Maybe don’t settle just for PFPs. Add some spice to that. We tried to bring the PFP to life, by being the first PFP collection to add audio responses when you click your inscription. We also dry-ran the inscribing transaction until their ids encapsulated the main Lore component: the infinite 8 ( example inscription id: 88888…8888i0)


5. Engaging story and universe for the community

Your holders need to feel that they are part of something great, not just speculating on some Ordinals. For that, I planned to inscribe the first on-chain story that will turn AOG holders into story-tellers with a “Bandersnatch” type of approach. What better feeling than to mold the lore of the collection, which will outlive us all.



Magic Eden

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