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Art & Storytelling in collaboration with A.I. 



What is Ordinauts about ?

Ordinauts is a sci-fi anime project exploring the interplanetary war between the Ordinaut Empire and those fighting for liberation from its oppressive rule. As a sub 8k ordinals collection, Ordinauts holds the distinction of being the first anime project inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain and consists of two collections: Ordinauts (69 inscriptions), and Dark Ordinauts (200 inscriptions).

Owning an Ordinaut or Dark Ordinaut gains you entry into the Ordinaut Universe, where your character can become part of the interplanetary epic as it unfolds.




The intention behind the project

We acquired Ordinauts from its original founder when he could no longer sustain the project. Our objective in taking over Ordinauts was to fuse our diverse skill sets as a team and craft an expansive, character-driven saga within a futuristic sci-fi world. Embracing art and storytelling created in collaboration with A.I., we aim to experiment with innovative storytelling methods, empowering the community to weave their narratives within the Ordinauts universe.

Our ultimate vision is to cultivate and expand the brand and eventually evolve Ordinauts into an anime series. Highlights about Ordinauts Since our involvement from June, we’ve scripted nine foundational chapters of lore detailing the Ordinauts universe and introduced pivotal characters. Perhaps the most developed character so far is SIA, the A.I. who controls all systems of the Ordinaut Empire.



Collaborating with @KingBootoshi from Bitcoin Boos, we’ve programmed SIA as an interactive AI moderator in our Discord, capable of evolving relationships based on past interactions. Additionally, we introduced ASIM, the voice of Revolution within the Dark Ordinauts’ AI system. Occasionally, ASIM will hack into our discord and engage SIA in debate about the nature of the universe and man’s purpose in it. Recently, we’ve inscribed our Galactic Passport on a 2013 Black Sat, planning its recursive airdrop to nominees as the gateway to our Discord, which we intend to close post-airdrop completion.


What are your future plans for Ordinauts?

We’re dedicated to further exploring collaborative storytelling with A.I., enabling holders to develop and utilize their intellectual property.

We are excited to continue collaborating and building with like-minded builders in the space. And finally, when the time is right, we look forward to launching a third collection integral to our evolving narrative.



Ordinauts Team

We are all Day 1 Ordinaut holders who minted back in February 2023.

Ordlord as an early investor in Bitcoin since 2014, OrdLord has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of blockchain technology. With a background in the financial sector, OrdLord works for a top 4 Australian bank, where he holds a senior leadership position, managing the distribution of a banking segment.

OrdLord’s enthusiasm for Payments & Web3 goes beyond his professional life. He is a member of multiple NFT & crypto communities, allowing him to stay at the forefront of the latest developments and trends in the space. OrdLord’s journey as an early Bitcoin investor has come full circle with BTC Ordinals.


Turhan Troy Caylak is an acclaimed actor known for his captivating performances in the HBO show Barry, earning two SAG Award nominations. Beyond acting, Turhan is deeply passionate about crypto and technology. He has actively participated in various crypto projects, including building ventures and contributing to NFT storytelling. Turhan is a firm believer in the power of community and actively engages with and immerses himself in communities across the web 3 ecosystem.

From decentralized finance to emerging technologies, Turhan’s presence can be felt in various facets of the ever-evolving web 3 landscape. Turhan’s popular Live/Video Streamed show “Ordinals Are Dead” which he does every Thursday at 4pm PST, is the exact type of entertainment he continues to bring to audiences in and outside of the web 3 ecosystem covering all things Ordinals. With his remarkable achievements and unwavering support, Turhan bridges the worlds of entertainment and crypto, leaving a lasting impact in both industries.



Brenton Mazey is a business owner, NFT enthusiast and avid surfer. Mazey owns and runs his own sports agency (Mazey Sports Management) where he manages some of the best actions sports athletes in the world. Was here at the start of Ordinals, and created one of the first ordinal alpha group called Ordinals Collective which created a hub for the first adopters of ordinals with many founders, collectors and artists being members.

He also sees huge potential of bringing elite athletes into web3 through his business. Actively involved in many NFT projects as an advisor and DAO member within web3, he has lately focused on ordinals as a new emerging frontier and has already made solid connections with many founders in this space.


Dave Kebo is a master storyteller who has been creating compelling visual content for the past two decades. He has produced and directed hundreds of short films and documentaries as well as directed two feature films. Dave worked previously as Head of Video at XPRIZE, a company sitting at the crossroads of innovation and exponential technology. He currently serves as Chief Creative Officer for an educational non-profit.

Dave has been an active investor in the crypto space since 2017 and started collecting nfts in early 2021. Dave has developed content, lore and animated shorts for many Web3 projects and is now dedicated to bringing all these skills to building Ordinauts.



Thoughts about ?

Ordinal news shines the light on noteworthy projects and amplifies stories that might otherwise slip under the radar. Take our project, for example. With Ordinauts, we have assembled a passionate community of dedicated holders who actively support and promote the project and we feel extremely proud and blessed. But we are also a relatively small collection of 269 ordinals. Ordinalnews provides us with exposure to a larger audience, for which we are immensely grateful.

In other words – Y’all are doing incredible work. Respect!



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