Artography: CybOrds




What is CybOrds about?

CybOrds Ordinal collection inspired the 90’s cyberpunk, 8bit games and vaporwave environment with pixel art style.



I’m an independent digital artist and PhD candidate about blockchain and copyrights. Since 2021 I’m in the NFT space. Collected by great collectors & exhibited in many places worldwide. Last one is gonna be NFT NYC 2024. Sold out multiple times 1/1 and collections.


The intention behind the project

Creating an on chain art on Bitcoin was a passion for me with the thing i like to create. Memetic art, the culture i love to be in became together in this collection.


What are your future plans for CybOrds ?

CybOrds are exclusive genesis collection for me. As an art based collection, art is the utility. But at the end, of course CybOrds holders gonna have some advantages in the future that I’m thinking on a plan.


Thoughts about ?

OrdinalNews as i can see has a great potential for the media for onchain art, projects and collections. Their support is amazing so very happy to give this interview.



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