Inscribed with POW touch, every inscription hash starts with bc1 to tribute addresses of forward thinking jpeg collectors




Inscribed unique Ordinals project ”bc1degenswith customized transaction # ensuring each inscription ID begins with bc1 like Bitcoin’s taproot and segwit addresses.

Made with over 5million trx attempts to generate each inscription hash which start with #bc1 .

Utylity: swaping sats for jpegs


Founder @DAnTer :

I want to invite everyone to join an experimental minting experience. Users will impact the rarity of their Ordinals via CPU power, finding specific hash patterns in mint/payment transactions using our open-source scripts.

This minting process is akin to Bitcoin mining, targeting specific hash patterns (e.g., ‘bc1000xxxxxxx’). Opting for a longer string demands more computing power and time, but grants higher rarity for the Ordinal.

The Rarity-Ordinal relationship will be updated on Magic Eden and inscribed on Bitcoin in a single file for verification. We aim to make this degen experiment accessible, with guides for all skill levels. Failed trx will be refunded (minus trx fees at sent rate).

The art is AI-generated, merging Crypto Punks with styles and names of famous painters, infusing “degens” vibes. Initially created in 2021, this collection was inscribed on Bitcoin in October 2023.












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