Bitcoin Shrooms

Bitcoin’s first ever ordinal collection.



– How do the Bitcoin Shrooms work?

The Bitcoin Shrooms are a collection of 210 pieces of art inscribed on the bitcoin blockchain and represented by serialized satoshis or “ordinals”.
From the ordinals inscription guide: “Individual sats can be inscribed with arbitrary content, creating Bitcoin-native digital artifacts that can be held in a Bitcoin wallet and transferred using Bitcoin transactions. Inscriptions are as durable, immutable, secure, and decentralized as Bitcoin itself.”
For the nitty gritty details, see ordinal theory.


– What do i need to receive, send and store a Bitcoin Shroom?

Technicaly, any bitcoin wallet will do: being satoshis, ordinals live inside bitcoin addresses. But it is recommended to set up ord, which is a wallet specifically designed to handle ordinals like the Bitcoin Shrooms and avoid their inadvertent transfer.


– Why bitcoin and not ethereum?

Shroomers are notorious for valuing immutability over whimsical change, honest work over insider’s privilege, freedom over censorship, decentralization over centralized control.
They’re also known for their unmatched knowledge of 90’s American rap and love for Jessica Fletcher, but this probably didn’t motivate their choice in this particular matter… Or did it?


– Why not solana, bnb, avax etc?

In short.


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October 2022: the Bitcoin Shrooms are born: genesis tweet,
their birth certificate permanently etched on the timechain: birth certificate


Blockheight 772919: the first Bitcoin Shrooms inscription is published (#19 overall): first inscription


Blockheight 773778: the whole collection is published as a list of hashes, since the shrooms are notoriously impatient and couldn’t wait for ord beta to be released: collection hashes

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