BITDA: An Aggregated Trading Platform


Based on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol



BITDA is an aggregate trading platform based on the Bitcoin serial number protocol, providing the most convenient solution for the BRC20 ecosystem, so as to efficiently complete transactions between buyers and sellers.





Who is the Founder ?

The founder’s name is Jason, and the team is from Singapore. We started a social project 4 years ago. Since then, we have transferred to the web3 field. The team has marketing and development experience, and we have been included in the labs incubation plan, but we can’t disclose too much at the moment. Will be announced soon.


What is the intention behind the project?

It mainly solves the transaction liquidity of BRC20 and improves the security and convenience of peer-to-peer transactions between buyers and sellers.





Future Plans ?

In the future, BITDA will further develop BRC20 and provide convenient, safe and fast transaction methods for more users to access the BRC20 ecosystem.


What do you think about ? is a very objective and impartial media, we are very happy to be able to cooperate and look forward to providing more help for the BRC20 ecosystem.



BITDA is not limited to BRC20, but will expand to ORC20 in the future to solve transaction liquidity problems for more users, make transactions between buyers and sellers more convenient, safe and fast, and lead more users to build the BRC20 ecosystem.

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