Crossing Borders with UniCross


The First Cross-Chain BTC Inscription Minting Platform


UniCross is pleased to announce the launch of its Mainnet on the Merlin Chain. The team expresses gratitude for the tremendous support received during the platform’s development phase. With the UniCross Genesis collection gaining significant traction and reaching a floor price of 0.15 BTC, the project has garnered remarkable backing from the community.


(UniCross Genesis Statistics – Trade on OKX & Magic Eden)


UniCross serves as a platform for minting BTC assets on Layer 2 with seamless functionality. Users benefit from the versatility to conduct transactions using a range of chain assets such as BRC-20s, BTC, and ETH. Additionally, UniCross provides stTokens that are tradable on its Marketplace or can be exchanged for Layer 2 ERC-20 Tokens.


Key Features of UniCross

✏️ Inscribe: Easily mint BTC Inscriptions on L2 and conduct hassle-free multi-asset payments. The Layer 1 BRC-20 assets minted via UniCross are securely locked in a multi-signature wallet before bridging, ensuring asset validity through a seamless transfer to their corresponding Layer 2 via a cross-chain bridge.

🛒 Marketplace: Trade your minted BTC Inscriptions instantly on UniCross without waiting for cross-chain confirmation. The Marketplace feature enables users to trade stTokens representing BTC Inscriptions on Layer 2.

🔁 Swap: Utilize the Swap feature to exchange your stToken for its corresponding bridged BTC asset on Merlin Chain at a 1:1 ratio (stToken:BRC-20).

🪙 stTokens: stToken serves as proof of ownership of inscriptions on Bitcoin L1, allowing direct trading on the UniCross marketplace or redemption for L2 tokens.



Upcoming Feature

Launchpad: UniCross is excited to unveil its Launchpad at the end of the week, along with the fair launch of $RUFI. $RUFI is the pioneering Runes token on the Merlin chain, offering a 1:1 swap ratio from BRC-20 to Runes via ‘BRC-20⇄Runes’.

UniCross is fully committed to supporting the innovative Runes protocol, extending to supporting Runes asset minting and protocol indexing.


The breakdown of the supply are as follows:


25% Airdropped to Merlin Chain users:

▶️ Merlin Seal – 5.5%

▶️ Runestone Staking – 2%

▶️ $Voya Balance ≥ 5 – 4.5%

▶️ $HuHu Balance ≥ 3000 – 2%

▶️ UniCross Genesis – 1%

▶️ BTC Balance ≥ 0.01 BTC – 10%

75% Fair minting:

▶️ No reservations

▶️ No whitelist

▶️ Free


UniCross looks forward to sharing more updates and announcements with the community. Stay tuned for exciting developments!


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