What is “Deadjira” collection?

“Deadjira” can be imagined as the holy grail of PG collectibles with impressive artwork, early inscription numbers, a super-limited collection and a historic piece on the BTC chain. PG is among the first established NFT projects to inscribe its official Ordinals collection.

Why is PG introducing their Ordinals collection?

PG is an established, doxxed team behind the Godjira collections launched in 2021 on ETH . “Deadjira” and “The Ordinal War” are two collections on the ordinals by PG. The team aims to educate and raise awareness about Ordinals through its collections to a wider audience. We believe that the Ordinals and BTC chain are here to stay. Additionally, we are working on various applications to improve and grow the Ordinals eco-system, thereby improving the brand value of our collections.

Why a fair Dutch auction?

Essentially, in a fair Dutch auction, all bidders are given equal opportunity to bid. The price is gradually lowered at a fixed rate over a set period of time. This ensures that all bidders have an equal chance to purchase the item and that the auction is conducted fairly. In addition, the final sale price is fair and reflective of the item’s market value.

What is the collection size?

107 Deadjiras with the following allocations:
50 spots will be available via Fair Dutch Auction.
50 spots will be available for TOC holders through raffles.
7 spots to the team.

Any You-tee-lit-tee?

The word “utility” is clich√© and it’s hard to promise something concrete as ordinals are still new and experimental. Apart from owning a piece of history with a dope art, from an established team and low inscription numbers, PG is known to break barriers and is dedicated to do cool and dope shit. Introducing¬†ROADINALS.

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