Fomojis 2.0

2009 Fomojis 2.0 inscribed on Block 78 sats harnessing the power of Recursive Inscriptions! 




For Fomojis 2.0, we developed a method for an on-chain delayed reveal, and are one of the first major projects to do this.

All the metadata about the traits has already been inscribed here, however it is encrypted making it impossible for anyone to know which traits are in each Fomoji.

When we are ready to reveal, we will inscribe the encryption key, which will allow the metadata to be decrypted.

Before the reveal, each inscription retrieves the metadata, and attempts to retrieve the encryption key. It will fail to get the key because it is not inscribed and reverts back to displaying our logo.

Try clicking it! Its dynamic!

After the reveal the key is inscribed, so the inscriptions will be able to retrieve the key and decrypt the metadata. The metadata is then used to construct each image by recursively retrieving the trait images.







.009 $BTC






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