“Generative BRC-721”


Non-Fungible Ordinals (NFOs)



What is Generative BRC-721 ?

Generative BRC721 is a new protocol designed to facilitate the inscription of Non-Fungible Ordinal collections onto the Bitcoin network.


Who is the Founder ?



The intention behind the project

The driving force behind Generative BRC721 is to streamline Non-Fungible Ordinal collections. By optimizing block space, the protocol not only cuts down network usage but also ensures every artwork stays on-chain indefinitely. Moreover, this efficiency shaves off over 50% of the cost typically associated with inscriptions. In essence, we’re making the process easier, more sustainable, and much more affordable.



The first collection of the protocol: OrdiBots


What are your future plans?

Future plans for Generative BRC721 includes wider adoption of the standard by numerous collections. We intend to create innovative tools that will simplify the deployment and minting of new collections. Moreover, we aim to attract newcomers to the ordinals ecosystem by showcasing the diverse use-cases facilitated by our protocol.


Generative BRC-721 Github

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