Interview: ”iDclub”


a specialized marketplace for Ordinals 



What is iDclub about?

iDclub is a professional Marketplace for Ordinals Assets, offering inscription inscribing and trading functions. It is one of the earliest platforms in the Ordinals ecosystem.

Since March, iDclub has minted over 10 million inscriptions, accounting for 25% of all inscriptions. In July, a domain name trading market was launched, followed by an NFT trading market in August and a BRC-20 trading market in September. Currently, inscription trading volume has exceeded 300 BTC.



Who is the founder?

iDclub was founded by @moffat2021. Moffat has 10 years of internet industry experience and is a serial entrepreneur. He is familiar with Bitcoin and EVM development and is also a DAO organizer.

Moffat started focusing on and entered the Ordinals ecosystem in February and established iDclub. In May, after completing the angel round, iDclub formed a company. The team currently consists of five people and some community volunteers, all from the web3 industry and loyal fans of Ordinals.


The intention behind the project

iDclub was initially created to provide convenient tools for everyone interested in participating in Ordinals, facilitating the creation, collection, and trading of inscriptions.

Thus, in March, iDclub launched an inscription inscribing tool, and in July, August, and September, launched domain name, NFT, and BRC-20 marketplace respectively.
We continuously listen to community feedback and market changes to optimize our products, aiming to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players in the Ordinals ecosystem.


Highlights about iDclub

As one of the earliest inscription inscribing tools, iDclub has inscribed over 10 million inscriptions, meaning one in every four inscriptions is minted through iDclub. This success is due to our continuous product optimization.

iDclub has always been quick to respond in tool services and marketplace functionality, such as being the first to offer batch inscribing, refunds and acceleration for inscription inscribing, and exclusively introducing the merging of UTXOs.

Our deep involvement in the community gives us precise insights into user needs, quickly reflected in product updates. Our biggest highlight is our sensitivity to user needs and our rapid provision of necessary product features and services.


What are your future plans for iDclub?

iDclub will continue to focus deeply on the Ordinals ecosystem, maintaining our position in tools and marketplace, and continuously optimizing product functions and services to enhance the experience for Ordinals users.

Besides, we will collaborate with Ordinals ecosystem projects and builders to drive innovation in protocols and products. Furthermore, iDclub will join more web3 communities, conducting more educational activities about Ordinals to increase awareness and participation in the ecosystem.


Thoughts about ?

Ordinal News is very professional and an excellent channel for newcomers to understand Ordinals. It presents high-quality content and comprehensive project introductions. As a media platform, it plays a crucial role in educating and popularizing Ordinals among users.



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