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Shibas on Bitcoin



What is Satoshi SLITS about?

100 Satoshi SLITS came from the Lite and arrived to Earth just in time!

Legends say that the Earthlings who hold at least one of them get no trading fees on our upcoming exchange for BRC-20 and CBRC-20 tokens, SlitX.

Our collection was designed by Tamas Sengel and AI.


The Team

Tamás Sengel

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Tamás launched the CBRC-20 token SLIT, and SATOSHI SLITS Ordinals. Tanas is responsible for the development of the project.




SlitLord came up with the idea of the Satoshi SLITS project. He has multiple years of experience in project management.


The intention behind the project

SlitX is a centralized exchange built for trading tokens on top of Bitcoin. Trading has a 1% fee on all sales made on the platform to further the development of SLIT. Holders of SLIT or a SATOSHI SLIT ORDINAL will not be subject to a trading fee. The minimum amount of SLIT held to have 0% trading fees will vary based on the price of Bitcoin.

Projects listing new tokens will have to pay a small fee in BTC to be listed on SlitX to avoid fake listings and provide liquidity (along with a verification mechanism). The exchange will support CBRC-20 tokens and BRC-20 tokens at launch (new protocols can be supported in the future).



Highlights about Satoshi SLITS

Satoshi SLITS is a unique collection of 100 Ordinals launched for the first 59 mints of SLIT.

The artwork is AI generated from an original design of the Shiba Lite Dog.


What are your future plans for Satoshi SLITS?

Our future plans for Satoshi SLITS collection will be providing new utilities to the ordinals based off the community.


Thoughts about ?

The Satoshi SLIT team loves for all Ordinal-related news. We appreciate everything you are doing to provide publicity to the space.



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