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What is Sphynx Labs about?

Sphynx Labs is an all-in-one solution for crypto trading, farming, bridging, and more. With Sphynx Labs, you have the power to control your decentralized destiny with powerful tools in one secure platform regardless of the blockchain you want to use.

Beyond simply a token, Sphynx Labs is purpose-built to offer yield opportunities in various ways to holders in sustainable ways that feed the ecosystem, and provide the tools real world businesses need to accept crypto payments.


Who is the Founder of Sphynx Labs?

Sphynx Labs was founded in 2021 by our CEO Zaidoun “Lonzo” Alowbydi. Lonzo’s background involved working with clients on the ASX, NZX, and SMP 500 as a senior risk audit manager at Big 4 firms; including PwC. Aside from his traditional finance and accounting background, Lonzo is also an accomplished developer in his own right, and he created Sphynx Labs to channel his love of crypto and DeFi into a platform for everyone.

Sphynx Labs is based in New Zealand, but has additional team members spread all across the globe. Core team members include:

Tyler: Project Manager/Public Relations
Julio: Assistant Project Manager
Oliver: Head BDM

In addition to the core team, Sphynx Labs has a full team of moderators, content creators, and developers working daily to bring Sphynx Labs to the forefront.


The intention behind the project

Overall, our intention when creating Sphynx Labs was to create a platform that gives users all they need for DeFi from A to Z.

We started as just a swap on the Binance Smart Chain, and have since ballooned to not only an all-in-one platform across an ever growing list of blockchains, but also a development entity for other DeFi projects to get the utilities they need and a crypto payment processor for businesses.


How do your intentions fit in with Ordinals/Lightning Network?

One of our main goals this year was to move beyond support for just EVM based chains on our platform. We believe that the Lightning Network/Ordinals has massive potential in the space, but is in need of something to make it easier to onboard not only in general, but for EVM users as well.

We want to make ease of use possible by adding full support for the network to our platform. This will include things like charts/swap, but also EVM to Lightning bridges so obtaining Bitcoin completely decentralized becomes an easier prospect.

We will also release a BRC-20 pair for Sphynx as well to add to our current pairs, and we are currently minting our Satoshi Sphynx Ordinal NFTs right now which allow holders to earn Bitcoin on DeFi as well.


Can you tell us more about the Satoshi Sphynx Ordinal NFTs and how they earn Bitcoin?

The Satoshi Sphynx NFTs are a collection of 500 unique and hand-drawn cats featuring the same art as our other collections on EVM chains.



The Satoshi Sphynx’s will also serve as a multiplier in our BRC-20 Hyper Pools. Hyper Pools are our proprietary pools that essentially combine farming and staking. In this case, users can provide LP for trading the Sphynx BRC-20 token, or single stake Bitcoin for our bridge and be rewarded with Bitcoin in the long term much like a savings account in real life. The Satoshi Sphynx’s can be added and act as a boost to the initial LP investment growing earnings of Bitcoin.

Due to the limitations of the Lightning Network’s lack of smart contracts, the pool will reside on the Binance Smart Chain and make use of our bridge to go to and from the Lightning Network.

The mint is live at, and support for Lightning on the platform and Hyper Pool is coming in the next few weeks.


What are some highlights about Sphynx Labs?

One of the big ones I didn’t get to focus on above is the Sphynx DeFi App on both Apple and Google platforms. All the all-in-one features of the dApp are available on the go in the app. We will be adding support for the Lightning Network to the app as well giving everyone an easy on the go solution for EVM DeFi needs, and non-EVM.

We also have the SPay Crypto Debit Cards with a physical (KYC) and virtual (No KYC) option. One of the biggest problems in crypto is actually spending it, and we have a solution for that. Holders can fill their cards with many top cryptos right now including Bitcoin.

Nothing we offer is locked behind holding Sphynx tokens either. The entire platform is open for use for everyone.


What are your future plans for Sphynx Labs?

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