Merlin’s Spellbook


Merlin's mystical energy


Merlin’s Spellbook is an equity-based NFT officially issued by Merlin Starter, symbolizing the inaugural contribution credential of Merlin Starter, granting eligibility for a certain amount of Merlin Starter Tokens and periodic random IDO whitelist selection.



Radiance (Guarantee)

Apr 3th, 13:00 ~ Apr 3th, 18:00 (UTC+8/SGT/HKT)

Sparkle (FCFS)

Apr 3th, 18:00 ~ Apr 4th, 04:00 (UTC+8/SGT/HKT)

Public sale

Apr 4th, 04:00 ~ Apr 4th, 09:00 (UTC+8/SGT/HKT)


April 4th, 2 PM SGT






0.00000420 BTC





The Story of Merlin’s Spellbook

In a Crypto era surrounded by magic and legend, stands a majestic castle known as MerlinChain. Unlike any other structure in the realm, this castle is built upon the ancient and mysterious mountain of Bitcoin, drawing adventurers and seekers of wisdom from all corners with its magical allure.
Deep within the castle lies a legendary treasure — “Merlin’s Spellbook”. This tome not only holds the secrets to harnessing the power of Crypto but also grants its holder unparalleled privileges, including receiving mysterious airdropped tokens and gaining eligibility for specific whitelist entries.

Since the emergence of Merlin’s Spellbook, it has become the coveted object of desire for all aspiring Merlin wizards hungry for wisdom and courage.



Why is Merlin’s Spellbook issued in the form of a Passcard?

Merlin’s Spellbook exists in the form of a Passcard, symbolizing the inseparable connection between the holder and Merlin’s Spellbook, as well as their commitment to the journey of seeking wisdom and courage.
Additionally, Passcards are implemented in the form of NFT standards, allowing them to be transferred as NFTs after minting, and also enabling trading on NFT platforms that support Merlin Chain.



Privileges of Merlin’s Spellbook

(1) Eligibility for free receipt of a certain amount of Merlin Starter Tokens
(2) Periodic random selection for IDO whitelist entry


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