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The accelerator for all BTCLayer2 projects


The first native launchpad on Merlin Chain

MerlinStarter stands as the pioneering native launchpad platform on Merlin Chain, committed to incubating and supporting innovative projects within the Bitcoin Layer2 ecosystem. The genesis of MerlinStarter emerges from a collective vision to Merlin Starter, alongside Merlin Chain, is committed to unlocking the full potential of native assets on Merlin Chain, fostering growth, innovation, and accessibility within the crypto landscape, ensuring local innovation, and bringing new value to the Bitcoin network and its users.



Why Merlin Chain?

Merlin Chain, as a Bitcoin Layer2 solution, presents a revolutionary approach to enhancing the scalability, interoperability, and functionality of the Bitcoin network. By integrating ZK-Rollup technology, decentralized oracle networks, and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules, Merlin Chain empowers native assets, protocols, and products on Layer1, driving forward the mission to “Make Bitcoin Fun Again.”


MerlinStarter Team

The team behind MerlinStarter comprises seasoned industry experts and visionary leaders dedicated to revolutionizing the crypto landscape. With a diverse range of experiences spanning blockchain development, finance, marketing, and technology, the MerlinStarter team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to propel the platform’s growth and success.


Tell us more about your services

MerlinStarter offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of projects within the Bitcoin Layer2 ecosystem. These services include:

  • Native asset issuance support
  • Strategic launchpad guidance
  • Technical assistance and advisory services
  • Traffic generation strategies
  • Marketing expertise and promotional resources
  • Funding provision and investor relations support
  • Tokenomic consulting and risk reduction strategies



The Highlights

MerlinStarter’s strategic collaborations and partnerships play a pivotal role in driving innovation and fostering growth within the Merlin Chain ecosystem. Through collaborative efforts with industry leaders like Merlin Chain, MerlinSwap, Particle Network, and 100+ Bitcoin projects, 300+ KOLs, and communities, MerlinStarter aims to expand its reach, enhance its offerings, and solidify its position as a leading launchpad platform within the BTC Layer3 landscape.

And here are some another tractions:

  1. Twitter: 1M+ Impressions, 60k+ Retweets & Likes, 100k+ followers
  2. Wallet Addresses: 1M+
  3. Top traffic project within the Merlin Chain ecosystem


What is on the agenda?

MerlinSwap X MerlinStarter Airdrop

The burgeoning landscape of Merlin Chain is poised to witness an awesome thrive with the synergistic collaboration between MerlinSwap, a revolutionary DEX platform, and MerlinStarter, a pioneering native launchpad dedicated to the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem.
The $MP token, as the native currency of MerlinSwap on the Merlin Chain, positions MerlinSwap as the foremost marketplace in the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem.
To celebrate this momentous partnership, MerlinSwap is allocating a generous 0.2% of its token supply, 42 Millions $MP tokens for an exclusive airdrop campaign, with a total of 5000 winners to be selected.


Merlin’s Spellbook Whitelist Giveaway

As the legend goes, the castle has been hidding the treasures that all wizards crave…
Within the Merlin castle lies “Merlin’s Spellbook,” a legendary treasure that not only reveals secrets of Crypto powers but also grants its owners unique privileges.

  1. Merlinstarter’s token airdrop
  2. Whitelist access for IDOs

The Merlin’s Spellbook Whitelist campaign is not over yet, there are two ways to get it.
The first is to participate in the whitelist event posted on Twitter for transfers less than 0.0001 BTC (the gas fee is too high now, don’t worry, calm down first, the event is not over yet, wait until the gas is low before participating)
The second is to participate in the TG community’s #Merlin’s Spellbook topic, which starts at 21:00 every night. There are 2 questions every night, and the top 5 users with correct answers will get a whitelist. A total of 10 whitelists will be sent out every night.


MerlinStarter’s first IDO – $MP

MerlinSwap will be the first IDO on MerlinStarter, $MP is the governance token of MerlinSwap, the top-ranked DEX in terms of TVL, Volume, and DAU among Bitcoin DEXes.

Launch Amount: 1,260,000,000 $MP (6%)
Token Price: 0.001U

Launching Details:

Start time: March 26th, 8:00 PM (SGT)
End Time: March 28th, 11:00 AM (SGT)
Requirements: open to everyone
Participation Tokens: $BTC, $M-BTC, $HUHU & $VOYA


The future of MerlinStarter

MerlinStarter’s future plans involve a phased approach to development and expansion. In the first phase, we aim to establish our V1.0 product, implement a reward points system, and foster partnerships with Merlin Chain’s official team.

Looking ahead, phase two focuses on listing the Merlin Starter token, introducing the AMP Protocol, and enhancing our product with IDO issuance capabilities.
Phase three will see the launch of a cross-chain Re-staking system and the expansion of BTC and ETH Layer2 IDOs, ensuring MerlinStarter remains adaptive and responsive to the evolving needs of the crypto community.


What is your prediction about the future o Bitcoin?

The future of Bitcoin holds immense promise and potential, driven by ongoing advancements in technology and adoption. As the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin continues to serve as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a symbol of financial sovereignty. With growing recognition and acceptance worldwide, Bitcoin’s role in shaping the future of finance remains unparalleled.


What about the future of Merlin Chain?

Merlin Chain is a promising BTC Layer2 project that inherits the security of Bitcoin and supports EVM compatibility. It features secure asset bridging, and a growing ecosystem of dApps. Led by an experienced team, Merlin Chain is well-positioned to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space.




Ordinals represent a groundbreaking evolution in the world of NFTs and Bitcoin itself. Since their introduction in 2023, Ordinals have captured the attention of both the cryptocurrency and Web3 communities, signaling a significant shift in how we perceive and utilize Bitcoin.

In the past, Ordinals emerged as a novel method for creating Bitcoin NFTs, embedding data directly into individual satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. Even amidst a price dip in August 2023, Ordinals bolstered Bitcoin’s network.This resilience showcased their growing influence and potential to reshape the NFT landscape on Bitcoin.

Looking towards the future, Bitcoin Ordinals hold immense promise. They represent more than just art or inscriptions; they signify true digital artifacts that bridge the gap between Bitcoin’s financial utility and the world of art, gaming, and beyond. As platforms like and Ordinalsbot emerge, the ecosystem around Bitcoin Ordinals continues to expand, offering new avenues for creativity, investment, and cultural impact.


What is our opinion about is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Ordinals. It provides comprehensive coverage, in-depth analysis, and educational resources about this new Bitcoin protocol. With its active community and commitment to high-quality content, is poised to grow and evolve as the Ordinals ecosystem matures.



MerlinStarter emerges as a pivotal force in the BTC Layer2 ecosystem, offering a native launchpad platform on Merlin Chain for innovative projects. Backed by a seasoned team and strategic collaborations, MerlinStarter is well-positioned to drive growth and innovation.

With its comprehensive suite of services, including native asset issuance support and strategic guidance, MerlinStarter facilitates the success of projects within the BTC Layer2 landscape. In a word, Merlin Starter, Merlin Chain, and Ordinals shape the cryptocurrency narrative and lead continued innovation and collaboration in the BTC Layer2 space.


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