MerlinSwap – The UniSwap of Merlin


The first and largest DEX for Merlin


MerlinSwap ?

MerlinSwap is the number one decentralized exchange (DEX) in the Bitcoin ecosystem, aimed at becoming the liquidity hub for Bitcoin and Bitcoin ecosystem assets (including BRC20, BRC420, and native tokens across the Merlin Bitcoin Layer 2).


Why Merlin Chain ?

As a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, the Merlin Chain has demonstrated significant potential to enhance the ecosystem. With a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $3 billion, it closely approaches Solana’s $4 billion, indicating strong early traction. The substantial market for inscriptions, currently largely on Bitcoin Layer 1, highlights a significant opportunity for Merlin Chain as Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions expand.

Comparatively, Solana hosts three of the top five DEXs across all chains, emphasizing the competitive landscape. This context underscores Merlin’s potential and reinforces our conviction that MerlinSwap is on the verge of becoming a leading platform within the Merlin ecosystem. MerlinSwap’s strategic decision to build on the Merlin Chain leverages these dynamics for future growth and innovation.


What are your services?

DEX: MerlinSwap is the first DEX platform on the Merlin Chain ecosystem and the first to support Bitcoin wallet connectivity. It aims to provide a decentralized finance (DeFi) experience similar to centralized exchanges (CEX) by leveraging the robustness of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the interoperability of Merlin EVM.



The UniSwap of Merlin

As the foremost cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin boasts an impressive market value of US$1.32 trillion, outpacing Ethereum by a factor of six. Despite this dominance, Bitcoin’s presence in the DeFi sector, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of merely US$2.6 billion, pales in comparison to Ethereum’s robust US$59 billion. This stark contrast highlights a significant untapped potential within Bitcoin’s DeFi ecosystem.

The advent of Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions opens up a realm of possibilities for the ecosystem, suggesting a horizon brimming with opportunity. Reflecting on the nascent stages of DeFi on Ethereum, we can anticipate a potential explosion in Bitcoin’s DeFi sector, with growth prospects exceeding 150 times. MerlinSwap, currently leading in TVL, volume, and daily active users (DAU) within both the Merlin and broader Bitcoin DeFi landscapes, is poised for unprecedented expansion. Our confidence in MerlinSwap’s growth potential is rooted in these compelling metrics and the vast, largely untapped market it serves.


MerlinSwap Token $MP

The launch of MerlinSwap Initial DEX Offering (IDO) happening next week on the 26th, exclusively at MerlinStarter. Prior to the IDO, MerlinSwap has consciously chosen not to engage with venture capital for early-stage investments. This decision steers clear of the potential for VC-driven market pressure and price manipulation, thereby offering our community users access at a more favorable valuation. Our aspiration is for Merlin users to actively engage and contribute to the development of MerlinSwap over the long term.

The IDO will allocate 6% of tokens for public sale, with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) set at $21 million and a sale price per token of $0.001U. Detailed information about the IDO can be found here:
Click here

Additionally, MerlinSwap is committed to rewarding our early contributors. We are allocating 4% of the token supply for an Airdrop to Early Traders, Liquidity Providers, and the community of our esteemed technical partner, iZUMi Finance. For more details on the Airdrop:  Click here




DEX: MerlinSwap is the first DEX platform on the Merlin Chain ecosystem and also the first DEX to support Bitcoin wallet connectivity. By adopting industry-leading Account Abstraction technology, MerlinSwap aims to accelerate Bitcoin-related assets, targeting a TVL of US$2 billion.

Ecosystem Incentives: MerlinSwap promises to use 50% of the platform’s revenue to buy back ecosystem project tokens to support liquidity. The current fee revenue of $VOYA and $HUHU has reached $100,000.

Long-term incentive plan: Airdrops and Trade-to-Earn campaigns are designed to incentivize the development of the Merlin Chain/MerlinSwap ecosystem.

A more transparent and community-driven fundraising strategy: MerlinSwap does not have any venture capital in early-stage investments, avoiding the pressure of VC dumping. Merlin Chain plans to use 30,000 $M-BTC in buying orders to ensure sufficient purchases in the initial token offering (IDO) of the $MP token.


How will MerlinSwap maintain its advantage amidst the increasing number of DEXs on the Merlin ecosystem?

There are two key points: first, the team has a lot of experience in cross-chain operations, which ensures effective operations and continuous improvement. Additionally, we prioritize user experience, and as the ecosystem matures, the user experience on MerlinSwap will only get better.


What challenges did you encounter while advancing the project?

MerlinSwap is the first DEX to support seamless trading of BTC and ETH wallets on-chain. In the initial stages, there were various protocol compatibility issues, such as wallet integration with the BTC main chain and Layer 2 Merlin Chain. Due to the large number of users on Merlin Chain, nodes were prone to crashing, leading to errors when transferring BTC wallets to MerlinSwap. However, with the improvement and upgrading of the ecosystem, these challenges have become smoother.


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