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The Agent of the Metaverse


Who is MetaverzeAgent?

My journey into the blockchain world began in 2012, initially as a hobbyist with a keen interest in Bitcoin. This interest transformed into a passion by 2014, during my days as a freelance commercial and industrial master electrician. Following a series of injuries and subsequent recoveries, I found myself with ample time to explore the depths of blockchain technology. This exploration took a significant turn in 2017 when I ventured into the realm of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, marking my entry with the acquisition of my first NFTs on, including participating in one of the first NFT drops by Snoop Dogg titled “Snoop Dogge Coins.” This experience kickstarted my journey as a collector, amassing around 9,000 NFTs across various networks to date, without having sold any. My collection aims to encapsulate the essence of this technology and its cultural impact, serving as a historical snapshot of this era.

The suspension of my Twitter account led to a rebranding phase, where, leveraging my credentials as a blockchain engineer and smart contract architect, I adopted the moniker Metaverze Agent. In this role, I aim to facilitate the transition of individuals and creators into Web 3, assisting with everything from virtual real estate purchases to the commercial use of avatars and monetizing Web 3 projects.

In late 2018, I founded 808Blockchain, LLC., a startup dedicated to blockchain technology research and Bitcoin network innovation. Our work, past and present, is showcased on, reflecting our commitment to advancing the blockchain landscape.



Your Crypto Journey

My journey into the world of cryptocurrency began in 2012 with an initial exploration of Bitcoin through the Mt. Gox exchange. Despite an early setback that led to a temporary loss of interest, my curiosity rekindled in 2017. From that point on, I threw myself into the crypto universe, embracing the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) method as my primary investment strategy. This approach saw me actively investing in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies through the highs and lows of 2017 to 2021.

By December 26, 2021, after years of consistent investment, I made the decision to sell all my cryptocurrency holdings. This wasn’t the result of a carefully laid out exit strategy; rather, it was a moment of contentment with the profits I had amassed over the years. The satisfaction of seeing my investments come to fruition led me to step back, at least temporarily.

The pull of the crypto world, however, remained strong. In November of 2022, I began to reinvest, returning to my trusted method of Dollar Cost Averaging. This technique has guided my re-entry into the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing a disciplined, steady approach to investing amidst the market’s inherent volatility. My journey, marked by its initial setbacks, successes, and strategic pauses, continues to evolve as I navigate the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency with renewed enthusiasm and insight.



The Blockchain and Bitcoin Innovation Company 808Blockchain

In late 2018, I launched 808Blockchain, LLC, a company at the forefront of blockchain and Bitcoin network innovation. As a hub for research and development, our goal is to fuse blockchain technology with artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way financial transactions and smart contract applications operate globally. Our mission extends beyond merely bridging the gap between cutting-edge blockchain benefits and traditional financial systems. We’re crafting a comprehensive ecosystem that enables startups and their customers to easily explore innovative financial solutions.

Central to our endeavor is CoinWarp, an innovative platform focused on the tokenization of digital assets, particularly in the real estate sector and other tangible assets. Secured licensing positions CoinWarp as a game-changer, reducing entry barriers, simplifying trading, and incorporating compliance and governance automation into a transparent investment framework. The concept of tokenization, converting physical assets into divisible digital tokens, is at the heart of democratizing investment, making it more accessible, affordable, and secure, while ensuring market availability around the clock.



Our belief in the transformative power of the Bitcoin network underpins our vision.

We are not merely observers but pioneers, advocating for and contributing to the evolution of digital finance. This includes our work on advancing ordinal theory and promoting layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network, enhancing the scalability, functionality, and accessibility of Bitcoin’s ecosystem.

Moreover, 808Blockchain, LLC is deeply committed to education and mentorship in the cryptocurrency space. Recognizing the complexities and challenges newcomers face, we offer comprehensive onboarding services. These are designed to demystify the technology behind cryptocurrencies, introduce users to exchanges and decentralized finance (DeFi), and provide insights into smart investing within this dynamic field. Our educational initiatives aim to guide clients through the cryptocurrency landscape, alerting them to potential risks and equipping them with the knowledge to navigate confidently.

808Blockchain, LLC stands as a vanguard for the financial future, setting new benchmarks in financial documentation, smart contract transactions, and the tokenization of real-world assets. Our vision is clear: to transform both digital and tangible asset markets, ensuring our clients are well-prepared, informed, and positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that blockchain and digital currencies present.


Bitcoin Ordinals & MetaverzeAgent

Upon first hearing about Ordinals in March of 2023, a revelation struck me with the clarity of a lightbulb moment. The concept of embedding what are essentially NFTs directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain seemed nothing short of revolutionary for the entire NFT ecosystem. This innovation presented a vision of the Bitcoin network as a modern digital analogue to the Library of Alexandria, serving as a vast, enduring archive of human creativity and knowledge. In this digital age, Bitcoin is reimagined not merely as a medium of exchange but as a canvas for human expression, an immutable repository where art, music, literature, and records can be indelibly etched into the fabric of the digital universe.


The moment I encountered the concept of Ordinal Theory and its parallels with NFTs on the Bitcoin network, it was a veritable epiphany.


Ordinals have the power to transform the Bitcoin blockchain into a decentralized, immutable ledger that goes beyond traditional financial transactions. By enabling the embedding of metadata into Bitcoin’s satoshis, Ordinals create a tapestry of permanent digital inscriptions, ranging from simple text to elaborate videos. This breakthrough extends the functionality of NFTs, allowing for the integration of data directly onto the blockchain. As a result, Bitcoin acquires a newfound depth, emerging as a digital counterpart to Alexandria, where ideas are not only preserved but flourish, safeguarded for future generations.

This epiphany about the transformative potential of Ordinals propelled me into a deep exploration of Bitcoin’s capacity to immortalize our collective expressions. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in digital permanence, where the Bitcoin blockchain stands as a monument to our technological ingenuity, a place where the full spectrum of human creativity is celebrated and preserved for eternity.



”SatoshiA” & ”Ordinals Galleria”

Originally the ordinals galleria was called The808sGallery. After becoming an avid collector of NFTs in 2017, I was teaching artists from the Maui community about this technology and how to digitalize their art and onboard into this sector. The genesis of what is now known as the Ordinals Galleria on the enchanting island of Maui is both a story of innovation and resilience. Originally dubbed The 808s Gallery, my journey into the world of digital art commenced in 2017 as an avid collector of NFTs. My passion soon evolved into a mission to empower local artists by introducing them to the revolutionary potential of digitalizing their art and immortalizing it on the blockchain. This endeavor sparked interest and encouragement from artists, their families, and friends, who saw the value in establishing a dedicated space to showcase this burgeoning art form.

In response, I embarked on creating a multitude of virtual galleries across various online platforms, serving not only as a repository for my growing collection but also as a beacon for artists curious about this novel medium. However, it was in early March of 2023 that whispers of Ordinal Theory began to capture my attention, heralding a new chapter in the digital art narrative. The concept of inscribing data onto a satoshi—the smallest unit of Bitcoin—presented an alluring frontier. Immersing myself in the Ordinal Theory handbook and related resources, I was determined to master this innovative technique. The natural progression from showcasing NFTs in virtual spaces to adopting Ordinals was marked by an ambitious leap: establishing the first physical NFT/Ordinal gallery on Maui. July 4th, 2023, marked a milestone as I secured a quaint lease on Front Street in Lahaina, envisioning a sanctuary where the digital and physical realms of art could coalesce.


Tragically, the devastating wildfires that swept through Lahaina shortly thereafter cast a shadow over this dream, obliterating Front Street along with 23 art galleries, three museums, and numerous cultural heritage sites. The catastrophe erased irreplaceable art, historical documents, and original works, leaving an indelible scar on the community.



In the wake of this loss, my resolve strengthened. I dedicated myself to the mission of safeguarding Maui’s artistic heritage through the immutable ledger of the Bitcoin network.



By educating and aiding the artist community in inscribing their works as Ordinals, I aimed to ensure that future generations could appreciate and access these treasures, resilient against the ravages of disaster.



This mission gave birth to the rebirth of my gallery as the Ordinals Galleria, now a beacon of hope and innovation on Maui. Here, we not only showcase collections from local artists rendered into Ordinals but also serve as a hub for education and support, guiding creators through the process of securing their legacy on the Bitcoin network.



In doing so, the Ordinals Galleria stands as a testament to the resilience of Maui’s artistic spirit, a fortress ensuring that the beauty and cultural richness of our community will endure, immortal and unscathed, for generations to come.



In the wake of planning for the reopening of our gallery, an extraordinary evolution has taken place. What began as a simple launch has burgeoned into a grand celebration and educational endeavor, championed by the overwhelming support of the community. This evolution has given birth to “SatoshiA Maui 2024,” an event designed to illuminate the vast potential of the Bitcoin network and blockchain technology. Our aim is to not only spotlight the artistic talent within Maui but also to extend this celebration to artists across Hawaii and around the globe, showcasing the transformative power of this technology.


SatoshiA Maui 2024 will transcend traditional boundaries by featuring a pop-up gallery at the prestigious Wailea Beach Resort Marriott.

This expanded gallery will not only display local artistry but also serve as a platform for engaging discussions with industry leaders, innovators, and artists who have successfully harnessed blockchain technology. By inviting key figures and pioneers of the blockchain, including those behind the innovation of Ordinal inscriptions, we aspire to foster a rich dialogue through keynote speeches, Q&A sessions, and interactive panels over the course of three days.

The event aims to create a space where artists can share their experiences of eternal preservation on the Bitcoin network, and teams can divulge the dedication required to build successful collections within this new realm. More than a series of discussions, SatoshiA Maui 2024 is an opportunity for the Maui artistic community, curators, and guardians of cultural heritage to familiarize themselves with blockchain technology. This initiative is driven by the hope to prevent the recurrence of losses such as those suffered during the devastating fires of August 8, 2023. Through blockchain, artworks and historical treasures can be securely archived, ensuring their longevity and accessibility for future generations. Furthermore, this technology promises a revolutionary medium for displaying art, whether in newly established museums or across digital platforms.



In addition to fostering educational exchange, SatoshiA Maui 2024 is poised to be a launchpad for artists and teams eager to debut their collections. The convergence of industry leaders at this event presents an unparalleled opportunity for exposure and engagement. Embracing the digital age, we are also crafting a hybrid event format. This will enable global participation through a metaverse experience, bridging physical and virtual worlds and allowing attendees to interact across dimensions. A highlight of the event will be the introduction of an innovative geopositioning VR scavenger hunt game developed by 808 Blockchain. This game invites players to embark on a real-world adventure across the island or within the hotel grounds, guided by clues to discover virtual treasure chests containing Ordinal NFTs and Bitcoin Satoshis. This interactive experience exemplifies the fusion of technology, art, and exploration that SatoshiA Maui 2024 embodies.

SatoshiA Maui 2024 is not just an event; it’s a milestone in the journey of integrating art with blockchain technology. It represents a collective endeavor to safeguard our cultural heritage, celebrate creativity, and embrace the future of art in the digital age.



Your Prediction about the Future of Bitcoin

My vision for Bitcoin and its underlying network is grounded in the belief that it represents the pinnacle of value storage, a testament to its steadily increasing worth despite its volatility. Through the strategy of dollar-cost averaging, investors have historically seen significant returns, underscoring Bitcoin’s resilience and potential for long-term growth. This approach champions patience and consistency over speculative trading, highlighting Bitcoin’s foundational role in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Amidst the playful banter within the ordinal community, a prophecy humorously circulates that “All return to the motherchain,” a nod to Bitcoin’s seminal position. This sentiment, while light-hearted, encapsulates a profound truth about the cyclical nature of innovation within the blockchain sphere. From Bitcoin’s inception, through the proliferation of alternative blockchains, and now with the advent of ordinal theory and the runes protocol, there’s a palpable sense of returning to our roots. Bitcoin, often dubbed the ‘mother chain,’ stands as the most secure network globally, a digital bastion for the preservation of our most cherished assets.



Envisioning Bitcoin as a contemporary Library of Alexandria, it is not merely a financial instrument but a cultural cornerstone. It offers an immutable platform for safeguarding historical documents, art, literature, and poetry—essentially, the entirety of human creativity. Through the lens of ordinal theory, Bitcoin transcends its original purpose, evolving into a digital archive where every Satoshi becomes a vessel for our collective heritage.

In essence, Bitcoin and its network are on a trajectory to become a new-age repository—a digital library and archive that protects and perpetuates humanity’s legacy. This vision captures the essence of Bitcoin’s potential to meld financial innovation with cultural preservation, heralding a future where our digital and historical footprints are securely enshrined within the blockchain.



And Ordinals?

Ordinal Theory represents a monumental leap forward in the domain of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the broader mission of securing immutable digital data. This innovation capitalizes on the unparalleled security of the Bitcoin network, the most robust and secure blockchain in existence. Thanks to the visionary work of Casey Rodarmor, digital assets now have a solid foundation for preservation, ensuring their integrity with absolute certainty. Rodarmor’s groundbreaking contribution not only elevates the NFT paradigm but also redefines our approach to the safeguarding of digital information, making him a pivotal figure in the advancement of blockchain technology.

Looking ahead, the potential for Ordinals is limitless, heralding a new era of digital asset management.

However, this innovation also brings to light the challenges that lie ahead, particularly in terms of the costs associated with inscribing data onto the Bitcoin blockchain. As the community ventures into the future, it becomes clear that the expense of employing this technology will be a crucial factor to consider. These costs highlight the need for continuous innovation within the blockchain community to ensure the economic viability of inscribing extensive data.



The path forward may involve the development of Layer 2 solutions, side chains, or entirely new innovations that preserve the Bitcoin network’s security and data immutability while making the inscription process more affordable. Addressing this challenge will require the collective genius of the community’s brightest minds, often referred to affectionately as “giga brains.” Their mission will be to create solutions that maintain the integrity and accessibility of Rodarmor’s revolutionary technology, expanding its utility across various applications.

In conclusion, the journey of Ordinals, ignited by Casey Rodarmor’s ingenious work, is just beginning. Its future hinges on our ability to balance the exceptional security and permanence it offers with the
practicalities of cost and accessibility. Navigating this evolving landscape will demand innovation that continues to leverage the full potential of the Bitcoin network, ensuring it serves as an enduring, accessible archive for the digital age. This formidable challenge represents a crucial endeavor for the future—one that calls for dedication, creativity, and collaboration to foster the growth and application of Ordinal inscriptions.



Thoughts about OrdinalNews ? stands out as a premier destination for anyone keen on delving into the world of Ordinals and the intricate tapestry of Ordinal Theory. This platform distinguishes itself as a comprehensive resource, offering a one-stop solution for the latest developments, insightful interviews with key figures in the sector, and a detailed overview of both upcoming and current drops that are capturing the community’s attention.

What truly sets apart is its meticulously curated tool section.

This invaluable resource provides users with an exhaustive list of essential tools for engaging with the Ordinal ecosystem, including top-tier wallets, inscription services, marketplaces, launchpads, DeFi platforms, explorers, and services for analyzing rare sats. This aggregation of tools underlines the website’s commitment to empowering users, making it an indispensable asset for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.



In essence, is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the Ordinal space. Whether you’re searching for the latest news, seeking insights into the hottest drops, evaluating the best tools for engagement, or exploring in-depth guides, this site is your gateway to mastering Ordinals. It’s clear why has become the go-to source for enthusiasts and experts alike; its thoroughness, quality of information, and user-centric approach make it an unparalleled platform in the Ordinal ecosystem.




In the grand tapestry of cryptocurrency, where every stitch represents innovation or a leap into the unknown, it’s refreshing to encounter a thread that weaves in a dash of levity. Enter Casey Rodarmor’s latest concoction, the rune Protocol—poised to sprinkle a bit of mischief into the solemn halls of Bitcoin. Picture this: amidst the austere landscape of blockchain and digital assets, a protocol emerges, promising to inject a sense of amusement back into Bitcoin. Yes, you heard it right—Bitcoin is about to get its very own “shit-coin,” courtesy of Rodarmor’s wizardry. The notion that the most secure blockchain ever conceived could play host to the Sky Casino, where degenerates and enthusiasts alike can revel, is nothing short of delightful.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, it’s hard not to chuckle at the thought of the blockchain, often seen as a bastion of seriousness, embracing the chaotic charm of the crypto casino. With rune Protocol, Casey Rodarmor isn’t just handing us another groundbreaking tool; he’s reminding us that in the world of crypto, there’s always room for a little fun. Bitcoin is set to become fun again, and I, for one, am eager to see how this addition to our arsenal will unfold. Here’s to the Sky Casino—may it be a jubilant reminder that innovation can come with a smile.



As it was written upon the first rune ᛤ all return to the motherchain




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