Monoliths by OTO


Is Bitcoin art an immutable artifact?


Each piece of the collection is inscribed on past sats and will be completed in the future. The background art, inspired by quantum space, is programmed to deteriorate with each block, and the monolith, a dynamic animation, evolves into more minimalistic patterns. Noticing the change with each block is nearly impossible because these are designed to gradually disappear and reach completion around block ID 7140000, approximately 120 years from now, coinciding with the expected end of Bitcoin issuance.

Referencing the parent inscription recursively and generated using its own inscription ID as a seed, each piece possesses a work number that matches its sat number and is inscribed on Block 9 450x.


• Block 9 450x Entirely based on block 9, which starts with Sat Numbers 450x, mined by Satoshi Nakamoto himself at the earliest.

• Parent/Child Consist of the parent HTML code and the child HTML code with parent-child provenance.



• Matching Sat numbers Range:45095752001 to 45095752333 Art numbers match the Sat number, which is the canvas, and the last three digits in sequence. For example, Monolith #222 has the sat number 45095752222. The parent inscription is the Sat number 45095752000.

• Recursive Endpoints Calling a JS to obtain the seed value as a recursive module. Also, that JS is calling the parent’s inscription as a recursive module.

• Inscription ID as the seed Uses JS to obtain the inscription ID, selects a character every 3 places, converts it into a number, and then adds the 33rd number to create a 9-digit seed value. It is drawn through the parent’s inscription.

• Interactive generative art Incorporates interactivity for enjoyment. Moving the mouse wheel allows the monolith to zoom in and out, enabling viewing and copying at your preferred size. Furthermore, it’s possible to completely hide the monolith to enjoy just the background art. Additionally, entering a secret key can also hide the background art. Hope you’ll discover it.

• Evolves with block generation Designed to deteriorate and evolve with each block generation. The monolith gradually becomes more minimal, the background art fades, and eventually disappears. For example, this image represents what it would look like a hundred years from now.


Mint Date

February 20th






Magic Eden



Phase 1

0.00333BTC Guaranteed – Holders – ‘Ordinal MIMI’

Phase 2

0.00333BTC FCFS – Roles* – ‘1/1 MAXI’, ‘1/1 LOVER’, ‘PRINT LOVER’

Phase 3

0.00555BTC FCFS – Holders – ‘All other OTO Ordinal collections’

Phase 4

0.00555BTC FCFS – Collab WL –

Phase 5

0.00777BTC FCFS – Public –


1 mint / wallet

Snapshot on the 16th


*Discord roles are assigned to those who hold multiple works. Wallet submission is required.

*Subject to availability, if all supply is exhausted during the minting period, subsequent phases are not guaranteed to take place.

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