Monsters of Merlin


Monsters of Merlin


The Merlin Monsters’ Story

Shan Hai Jing, or The Classic of Mountains and Seas, is a collection of Asian folk myths from 3000 years ago and a masterpiece of ancient oriental imagination. The book depicts 40 cities, 55 mountains, 300 rivers and hundreds of characters and exotic animals.
In comparison, the crypto world is the collection of imagination in our era. We hope to take the imaginative source of the ancient East, rebuild and develop it in the crypto world.



Why Merlin Chain?

The successful development team, Bitcoin-Native focus, and advanced ZK technology make MerlinChain a one-of-its-kind Layer 2 solution, with a rich ecosystem.
Besides that, “Bitcoin Native” & “make Bitcoin fun again” is special!

Being one of the first collections on Merlin, We hope to gather a group of intrepid wizards🧙, along with monsters, to be the optimistic trailblazer on the Merlin chain, and make Bitcoin fun again.


Monster Team

  • Baize: Founder of Monsters. NFT enthusiasts, diving into crypto rabbit hole since 2017.
  • MounCat: Co-founder of Monsters. Bitcoiners, focusing on Bitcoin and the ecosystem since 2022.
  • Kelly: Artists. PhD from Central Academy of Fine Arts.



The Monsters

Merlin Monsters👹 are 10,000 creatures living in the continent of Merlin🔮. They’re fearless, curious and full of energy for everything. Monsters are working hard with their imagination to build an AI powered social platform for fans of the magical Merlin Chain.




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Predictions about the future of Bitcoin

We believe that increased adoption by both individuals and institutions will drive the price of Bitcoin higher. As more people and businesses start using Bitcoin for transactions and as a store of value, its value could increase. And there will be more dapps running on it.


The future of Merlin Chain

In my view, Merlin Chain has the potential to significantly impact the Bitcoin ecosystem by unlocking its potential through native L1 assets, users, and protocols. As a native L2 solution, Merlin Chain aims to bring innovation and utilities to Layer 2 while supporting popular Bitcoin protocols like BRC20, BRC420, and others. This will enable a broader user base to interact with the Bitcoin network.

Merlin Chain’s integration of ZK-Rollup technology, decentralized oracle networks, and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules is a promising approach to enhancing efficiency and scalability. By ensuring transparency and security through responsible data transmission, Merlin Chain is poised to provide a robust and efficient solution for Bitcoin users.



What about OrdinalNews?

I know Ordinal News because many well-known Kols are following the account on X. I believe in the quality of Ordinal News’ reporting, and I believe they will do better in the future. They may become an important path for newcomers to know what happened on Bitcoin today and the past.

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