Music Frens


Recursively Inscribed On-Chain Music 




Music Frens is the first BTC decentralized music community, fusing digital identity, music, and innovation on the Ordinals Protocol. Our first Ordinals on-chain partnership features both a Grammy Award winning musician and a pioneering development team in the recursive inscription game.

Music Frens collection will be a limited supply, recursively inscribed Ordinals collection on unique sats featuring sophisticated generative pfp art with trait utility. Each artifact, designed by Migwashere, the artist behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, will double as a pass to The Studio. Team members have created seminal NFT, art, and web3 music projects since 2021.

Current partnerships include the renowned web3 animation studio 👀 Atrium (Nouns Movie, Shilly, 0N1 anime series), Snag Solutions (ApeCoinDAO, Goblintown Marketplaces), On-Chain Records, and a pioneering Ordinals development team to be revealed soon, and more.



Friday July 28th

Whitelist: 12PM EST
Public: 1PM EST



Whitelist: 0.0029 $BTC
Public: 0.0033 $BTC





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