Nakamoto Whales

Whale artifacts forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain



What is the Supply?

696 Digital Artificats, forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain


When is the Mint Date?

Minting 4.12.23


What is the Mint Price?



Where will the Mint be held?

Magic Eden



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Overview of Nakamoto Whales

Why Nakamoto Whales, Why Bitcoin Digital Artifacts? Many of us found our love of crypto through Bitcoin. Now you can inscribe anything on BTC and it will be available and unchanged for all eternity… the world’s most secure digital art gallery.
A time capsule that lasts forever. Ordinals provide the purest form of digital art – simple, permanent, fully on-chain & with a unique scarcity dynamic. We believe that Digital Artifacts will be the premier destination for luxury digital collectibles.
This is why we decided to expand the Whales brand onto Bitcoin, to create a series that is collectible as fuck, with the dopest art, iconic 1/1s and unique traits. To introduce the Whale community to BTC Artifacts while driving value back to OG holders.


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