OCM Dimensions Highlights


the revolution! 



OnChainMonkey Dimensions Highlights


• Pioneering the use of recursion and composability on Bitcoin.


• One of the first parent-child collections, inscribed February 2023, with clear on-chain Collection provenance.


• First to enable compression, and widely used libraries (p5.js, Three.js), all on-chain on Bitcoin for future creators to use.


• Incredibly efficient use of block space, less than 1 kilobyte per Dimensions ordinal.


• The first 300 are inscribed in a beautifully orchestrated way on Bitcoin, on 300 consecutive satoshis, and ordered on-chain by their satoshi numbers in ascending order, and matching their Dimensions number.


• The first 300 are all inscribed on satoshis from early January 2009 (block 78), the third day of Bitcoin.


• The first 300 are all “Cursed” inscriptions.


• Achieved what is thought impossible on Bitcoin today: a random on-chain reveal *after* mint and after the Dimensions ordinals are immutably inscribed.


• High definition, 3D, animated, and interactive art that is all rendered directly from code inscribed on Bitcoin, and can scale up to any resolution automatically to fit the display size. The bigger the display, the more amazing Dimensions become.


• A Bitcoin native mint that requires no additional fees from the minter, is non-custodial, prevents front-running (and Mempool sniping), and there’s no rush for the minter.


• Each of the first 300 had an “angel”, the mint randomization inscription that passed through the birth of each of the first 300 Dimensions.


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