The first Ordinals AR Collection with 3D Interactive on Bitcoin 




OrdiBots 3D marks a major stride in digital assets, blending art and technology innovatively. Supported by Luminex and MagicEden, and entirely stored on Bitcoin forever, it redefines the digital assets landscape, making it more engaging, and accessible to a broader audience.

OrdiBots is a pioneering collection of interactive 3D digital art on Bitcoin, made more affordable and accessible thanks to the BRC-69 standard developed by Luminex. This technology slashes the cost of creating digital art by nearly 99%, opening doors for more creators.

OrdiBots stand out due to their integration into augmented reality (AR), enabling users to position their 3D digital companions in real-world settings via smartphone cameras. This merging of digital and physical realms creates a distinctive, interactive experience.

Each OrdiBot in the collection is part of a larger narrative, connected through a parent-child inscription system. This innovative approach creates a digital family tree, ensuring the authenticity of each artwork on-chain.












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