Ordinal DeFi: ”Liquidium”


P2P Ordinal lending on Bitcoin 



What is Liquidium about?

Liquidium is the first P2P Ordinal lending protocol, where users can borrow BTC against their Ordinals as collateral on one side. On the other side, users can lend out their BTC to borrowers to earn a BTC yield on it.


The Liquidium Team


The intention behind the project

We have different intentions, why we are building Liquidium.

First of all, building the best Ordinal DeFi product on Bitcoin Layer 1, is what drives us the most. Bitcoin is the most decentralized and most secure Blockchain but before Ordinals came to Bitcoin, proper DeFi development has been lagging. This is what we wanted to change.

Secondly, Liquidity often is a missing factor in the NFT and Ordinal space, that’s why we developed Liquidium, to give users access to liquidity in the Ordinals space.

Thirdly, we wanted to expand the utility of Ordinals in general. A borrowing and lending market on Bitcoin L1 for Ordinals is inevitable to move the space forward.


Highlights about Liquidium

  • Borrow against your Ordinals as collateral
  • Borrow against every collection
  • Lend out Bitcoin to gain a real yield on it Everything happens completely trustless on the Bitcoin Layer 1 using PSBTs (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions) and DLCs (Discreet Log Contracts)

more to come…..


What are your future plans for Liquidium?

There is a lot to get excited about. We plan on making the whole borrowing and lending experience easier for both parties, adding more data such as floor prices or proposed loan terms for different parties.

Additionally, we want to implement collection bids on the lending side, to make instant P2P loans possible. Future plans will change a lot, according to what our users want to see and that’s how we can ensure to make the best borrowing and lending experience possible.


Thoughts about OrdinalNews.io ?

It’s an amazing news outlet to get a broader look at Ordinals in general. The all-in-one hub to get yourselves familiar with Ordinals.



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