Ordinal Dragons

Dragon Sanctuary, an interactive art and storytelling experience



What Network will this collection mint on?

Ordinal Dragons will be inscribed (minted) on the Bitcoin Blockchain


What is the Supply?

3333 total Ordinal Dragons will ever exist. 3300 will be available for public sale. 33 will be reserved for testing, giveaways and partnerships


When is the Mint Date?

Estimated Date 4/16/2023


What is the Mint Price?

Estimated Mint Price (subject to change based on market conditions. All mints include approximately $15 for Inscription fee)


Guaranteed Free Mint


.001 BTC


.002 BTC


Where will the Mint be held?

Luminex or Gamma



Website           Twitter           Discord



Overview of Ordinal Dragons:

Ordinal Dragons is an Ordinal based collection of 3333 Pixelated Dragons on a mission to bring high quality art to the current landscape of Bitcoin Art. Holders will have access to the Dragon Sanctuary, an interactive art and storytelling studio hosting IRL Events for creators and Web3 Builders.
Holders receive regular airdrops of high quality Ordinal art and access to IRL networking events hosted by the Ordinal Dragons team with select partners.



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