Ordinals Egg


part of meta trace game 




MetaTrace is a GameFi platform with a Real-World map, a game for smartphones with free to play and earn mechanics in RPG. Beta is already live for 1000+ early players, you can apply now! Coming soon on App Store and Google Play. Ordinals Egg is part of a game based on a real-world map, where the boundaries between the virtual & physical worlds blend seamlessly.

Each egg is an incubator for future Cypets. Cypets are entities from the world of WEB3, inspired by NFT collections, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, trends, popular personalities, or even memes.











Ordinals Egg collection will be minted on the Bitcoin blockchain. They have chosen Bitcoin to symbolize its importance as the pioneer and future of cryptocurrencies. Being the first game to integrate the Bitcoin blockchain, we aim to showcase its significance and provide players with a trusted and transparent experience.


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