Pizza Ninjas Bitcoin Ordinals


they are eating pizza: ninjas. 




These Ninjas aren’t just ordinary art pieces. They’re wickedly cool, designed by iconic artist Boozy.btc and inscribed on Rare Pizza Satoshis. This is the first-ever Ordinals collection featuring an incredible 2000×2000 pixel resolution, a feat previously considered unachievable on Bitcoin. Moreover, each Ninja artwork possesses dynamic traits that change based on Bitcoin’s block height.

Ninjalerts is a global community. Over 500 Bitcoin Ordinals Enjoyoors have made videos eating pizza in a ninja costume and posted it on Twitter, building a community on a shared meaningful experience. Ninjalerts is finding people who care about the project and want to join, rather than quick flip, and the community is literally “breaking bread” together online!











Each Ninja PFP gets you into the VIP section of the crypto world – the exclusive Ninjalerts alpha group. It’s a hotspot for the heavy hitters in trading, offering all the blockchain analytics and top-drawer alert software you could ask for. So, a Ninja is not just a piece of eye-popping digital art, it’s also your backstage pass to a top-shelf trading experience and expert knowledge in the crypto market. Don’t miss this opportunity!