Pro Trading Protocol: OrdinalHive


first pro trading protocol for Ordinal traders


What is Ordinal Hive about?

Ordinal Hive is the first Ordinals trading protocol tailor-made for professional traders. Current marketplaces focus on the retail experience, meaning none have been made who focus on traders, so we decided to build it.

Ordinal Hive is tailor-made to address professional traders’ unique needs and challenges by offering high transaction speeds, low transaction fees, professional features, and advanced market analytics.


Founder – Team

Our founder, Fonzi, has been an active member in the Ordinal ecosystem and has seen the issues early on when it comes to trading these assets. He has extensive experience in the crypto space, joining back in 2017. He has worked on 2 previous startups which has helped him gain unique insights into developing protocols in web3.

As for the team to build Ordinal Hive, we’ve assembled a team that blends experience across UCLA,
USC, NFT marketplaces, Fintech, and BTC Startup Lab to build the best pro trading protocol on Bitcoin.


The intention behind the project

The primary intention behind Ordinal Hive is to create a trading protocol that caters specifically to the needs of professional traders in the Ordinals space. It aims to fill the gap left by current marketplaces that are more retail-focused. We are doing this by providing a platform with advanced features, high efficiency, and low costs. Our task is very simple: help Ordinal (inscription) traders make more money (more BTC).


Highlights about Ordinal Hive

○ Tailored for professional traders.
○ High transaction speeds from hours/minutes to milliseconds.
○ Low transaction fees from dollars to cents.
○ Professional features and advanced market analytics.
○ Real-Time Data
○ A user-centric approach, focusing on continuous innovation and optimization
based on user feedback.



What are your future plans for Ordinal Hive?

Post-Testnet, the team plans to add more features to enhance the trading experience. The focus will be on continuous innovation to maintain Ordinal Hive’s position as the leading Ordinals trading protocol.

The community will play a crucial role in the protocol’s optimization. We are committed to the Ordinal community and we are very user-obsessed.


Thoughts about ?

Ordinal News has been instrumental in highlighting key developments and trends within the Ordinals ecosystem. Their coverage plays a vital role in educating and informing the community and we’re thrilled to be part of that narrative. We believe Ordinal News will not only bring greater visibility to the Ordinals community but also contribute to the broader discussion about the future of Ordinals. We’re bullish asf on them!!!



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