Runestone Handbook


The Runestone


Runestone is an open source, transparent, volunteer, and decentralized initiative to reward people who participated in the first year of the Ordinals Protocol. The mission of this Discord is to organize the distribution of Runestones fairly based on an address’s on-chain activity on or before block height 826,600 which was exactly one year after Ordinals was released.

Runestones will first be distributed as inscriptions with the aspiration of each person only receiving one Runestone inscription regardless of whether they are a whale or a casual Ordinals collector. In practice, this is impossible to achieve but it is a goal we should aspire to. Upon the release of the Runes Protocol at block height 840,000, Runestone inscription holders will organize to distribute the Runestone Rune based on the number of Runestone inscriptions held. Runestone inscriptions will live on as collectible mementos for year one Ordinal supporters with no utility or roadmap. The Runestone Rune will live on as a social/cultural/meme/speculative coin with no utility or roadmap.

Runestones will be distributed via a fairdrop:

  • Fairdrops are evenly distributed. Airdrops that have unequal allocations by favoring certain eligible addresses over other eligible addresses are not evenly distributed, and thus are not fairdrops.
  • Fairdrops are inclusive. Airdrops that intentionally exclude particular individuals or groups inside of the target group by using overly specific eligibility criteria are not inclusive, and thus are not fairdrops.
  • Fairdrops are transparent. Airdrops that are organized privately and have perverse incentives for insiders to front-run are not transparent, and thus are not fairdrops.
  • Fairdrops are verifiable. Airdrops that don’t publish their eligibility algorithm or that source eligibility criteria from off-chain data resulting in someone not being able to independently produce the list of eligible addresses are not verifiable, and thus are not fairdrops.
  • Fairdrops are unpredictable. Airdrops that have an eligibility algorithm that was easily anticipated and gamed by farmers prior to the snapshot moment are not unpredictable, and thus are not fairdrops.


Runestone Address Verifier

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