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The Iranian-American Artist


Sabet, The Person

Sabet is an artist and designer whose journey through the realms of fine art and branding has been marked by a continuous exploration of the intersection between traditional artistic expression and digital innovation. Based in the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of California, my work reflects a deep commitment to exploring the spiritual and holistic dimensions of creativity. As an energy healer, I imbue my art with a sense of healing and transformation, aiming to create spaces of beauty and introspection in both the physical and digital worlds.



The Journey

My journey into the crypto and Web3 worlds began as a natural extension of my quest for new mediums and platforms to express my artistic vision. Intrigued by the potential of blockchain technology to redefine ownership, provenance, and the distribution of art, I ventured into trading cryptocurrencies, engaging with Web3 technologies, and eventually embracing the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This journey has been one of constant learning, experimentation, and a desire to connect with a global community of artists and enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of what art can be in the digital age.


Sabet Projects

Over the years, I have launched several projects like Tokyo Punks, Pixopop Cuties, Bad Bunnies, Ugly Kitties, my fine art paintings and collections that bridge my interests in art, design, and blockchain technology. These have ranged from digital art collections that explore the themes of connection and transformation, to collaborative projects that blend physical art with digital experiences. Each project has been a step towards understanding the potential of NFTs to create new forms of value and engagement for artists and collectors alike.




Among the highlights of my journey have been collaborations with other artists and brands that share a vision for the future of art in the digital age. These collaborations have not only expanded the reach of my work but have also allowed me to explore new creative techniques and platforms. Partnerships with platforms and communities in the Web3 space have been instrumental in bringing my projects to a wider audience, with several collections achieving significant recognition and success within the NFT community.


And why Ordinals?

I was drawn to Ordinals for its unique approach to embedding digital assets directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. This innovation represents a fascinating evolution in the way we think about ownership and authenticity in the digital realm. By choosing to work with Ordinals, I am exploring the possibilities of a more secure, decentralized, and durable foundation for digital art and collectibles, leveraging the security and widespread recognition of the Bitcoin network.


Tokyo Punks Skull Kitties?

Skull Kitties is a project that embodies my passion for combining art, technology, and a touch of the mystical. This collection brings together my love for intricate design, the symbolic power of skulls, and the playful spirit of cats, creating a series of unique digital artifacts that exist on the Bitcoin blockchain through Ordinals. Each Skull Kitty is not just a piece of art but a talisman for the digital age, offering a connection to the themes of transformation and resilience.



Future Plans on Ordinals

Looking ahead, I plan to expand the Tokyo Punks Skull Kitties universe with new characters and stories. Beyond this collection, I am excited about the potential of Ordinals to host a wider range of digital artifacts, from interactive art installations to digital talismans that blend art, design, and energy healing in new and innovative ways.


Predictions about the Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, with its unparalleled security and decentralized nature, will continue to play a pivotal role in the evolution of digital currencies and blockchain technology. As innovations like Ordinals unlock new use cases for Bitcoin beyond its original purpose as a digital currency, we can anticipate a broader acceptance and integration of Bitcoin in the realms of art, collectibles, and digital ownership.



Your Thoughts about Ordinals

The introduction of Ordinals has opened a new chapter in the story of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, marking a shift towards a more diverse ecosystem of digital assets. Looking to the future, I believe Ordinals will catalyze further innovation, blending the worlds of finance, art, and technology in ways we are just beginning to imagine.


Thoughts about has become an invaluable resource for staying updated on the developments and discussions surrounding Ordinals and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. It serves as a crucial platform for the community to share insights, projects, and perspectives on the evolving landscape of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.



As we stand at the intersection of art, technology, and spirituality, the journey ahead is filled with limitless possibilities. Through my work with Ordinals, Skull Kitties, and beyond, I aim to continue exploring these realms, contributing to.


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