Skull Kitties by Sabet


The Iranian-American Artist


Skull Kitties is a project that embodies my passion for combining art, technology, and a touch of the mystical. This collection brings together my love for intricate design, the symbolic power of skulls, and the playful spirit of cats, creating a series of unique digital artifacts that exist on the Bitcoin blockchain through Ordinals. Each Skull Kitty is not just a piece of art but a talisman for the digital age, offering a connection to the themes of transformation and resilience.



4/16/2024 10 AM PST



5000 (4850 Generated Kitties + 150 Hand Drawn 1 of 1s.)



0.00123 BTC






All who have filled out the Sabet Fam Form, Skull Key Holders Form will be guaranteed to mint 2 Skull Kitties. Sabet BTC Edition Holders on Gamma & Sabet Counterfeit Card holders are automatically GTD, no forms needed. Mint starts on April 16, 2024 from 10 AM PST to 6 PM PST



All other communities who have sent in their lists or are part of the communites mentioned below will be in the First Come First Serve group. You’ll be able to mint 1 per wallet. Starting April 16, 2024 at 6 PM PST to 10 PM PST



April 16th at 10 PM PST.

Communities with Allow lists for First Come First Serve Phase

All RuneStone holders
All 0n1 Force BTC holders
All Ordinaut holders
All OMB holders
All puppet holders
All Counterfeit Culture Holders
All Pizza ninjas
All Quantum Cats
All NodeMonkes
All natcats


Benefits of ownership

• Commercial IP Rights

• Priority Allow List for next projects

• Kawaii Club Membership

• Incredible community!



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