Sovryn Runes Trading Launch on April 24


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Sovryn Leads the Charge: Pioneering Runes Trading Paving the Way for Bitcoin’s iPhone Moment


Sovryn, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Bitcoin, is proud to announce its pioneering role in Runes trading, set to launch on April 24. With this historic launch, Sovryn establishes itself at the forefront of Bitcoin innovation and tokenization, solidifying its position as an industry trailblazer.

Runes tokens, a highly anticipated new fungible token standard launching during the upcoming Bitcoin halving, aim to revolutionize Bitcoin. As an alternative to the popular BRC-20 tokens, Runes offer a more efficient and user-friendly way to create and trade tokens on the Bitcoin network. This paves the way for a diverse array of applications including memecoins, stablecoins, ICOs, and more. Bitcoin can now do what previously only altchains could do, and it’s positioned to flippen the token creation space from Solana and Ethereum into Bitcoin.


Activity on the Bitcoin mainchain is expected to spike after Runes launch, with gas fees rising significantly. To address this, Sovryn has developed a custom-built bridge to enable the seamless movement of Runes tokens between the Bitcoin mainchain and the Sovryn DEX. This bridge ensures the fastest and most cost-effective way to trade these innovative assets.

By spearheading Rune trading and fostering accessibility, Sovryn is poised to play a crucial role in driving the adoption and liquidity of these innovative tokens. As the Runes ecosystem flourishes following its launch, Sovryn is well-positioned to be a central hub for Rune trading activity.



Sovryn prides itself on unwavering commitment to innovation and progress. With over $80M in Total Value Locked (TVL) and $2B traded, the platform is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower the community and drive the industry forward.


Sovryn’s forthcoming DEX 2.0 marks a significant advancement in decentralized trading, promising significantly lower costs and faster transaction speeds compared to traditional platforms like Uniswap. The team’s commitment to providing a superior user experience is unwavering, and with the introduction of an intuitive UI in the testnet next week, users can expect a seamless and intuitive trading experience unlike anything they’ve encountered before.


With Runes trading on the horizon, Sovryn is poised to become a go-to DEX for the trading of these new tokens.

Join Sovryn as they embark on this historic journey and witness firsthand the transformative
power of Runes trading.


About Sovryn

Sovryn is the leading decentralized exchange built on Bitcoin, with over $80 million in TVL and $2 billion in traded volume. Sovryn offers users a secure and innovative suite of financial tools, including trading, lending, borrowing, and margin trading – all with Bitcoin.


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