The 1/1 Abstract Collection: Ordinal Pixels by swapski

999 1/1 Abstract Pixels 



What is Ordinal Pixels ?

Ordinal Pixels, 999 Original 1/1 Abstract Pixel Pieces Inscribed on Bitcoin. Ordinal Pixels consists of 3 chapters, each contains 333 pixel pieces. Each Pixel piece was created by capturing original photos of water in Nova Scotia, and then AI processing them into Abstract pieces to be used as inspiration for the pixel pieces created by artist “swapski”.





Who is swapski ?

Swapski is a Canadian musician, photographer, and digital artist. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, his primary art form is songwriting and recording music. Although music is his #1 passion, he is often inspired by other forms of art. “I love experimenting with other art forms. It’s something that challenges me and consistently exposes me to new concepts and perspectives, which elevates my overall creativity.”
Swapski believes that it is an artist’s job to reflect the times and strives to deliver on that concept with his music. As of late, Swapski has been experimenting with graphic design, abstract art, pixel art, and AI, which has sparked a glowing passion for digital creation.




Swapski has been a crypto participant since 2017 and is also very passionate about tech. His new Bitcoin Ordinal collection, “Ordinal Pixels,” is a perfect introduction and blend of his love for art and technology.



Intention behind the project ?

The intention behind the project was to be apart of history and to pay homage to Bitcoin & Pixel art by introducing a one of a kind Photography, Abstract Art, & Pixel Art collection inscribed on the most decentralized gallery in the world



Future Plans ?

My future plans for Ordinal Pixels is to hold Chapter II & III mints via the lightning network,  Beyond that as an artist I plan on releasing more art & music in the future. I have plans for 1/1’s & a PFP collection.



Thoughts about ?

All Positive thoughts about Ordinal News! I think it’s great we already have a media outlet highlighting artists in the Ordinal space & I’m excited to see the progression of Ordinal News & their platform.




Ordinal Pixels is purely an Art Collection on Bitcoin, there is NO ROADMAP, NO UTILITY, NO PROMISES, JUST ART!


I’m very excited for the future of art on Bitcoin. I look forward to scaling solutions to make things easier for talented artists to adopt Ordinals. I believe Art on Bitcoin is what Artist & Collectors have been waiting for, & with Bitcoin built off of satoshi’s values it’s a great place to flourish as an artist and be protected as a collector, so long as we continue to carry those values, The future looks bright for Ordinals.

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