The Humanoids BTC

Much more than just robots… 



What Chain is The Humanoids BTC on?



When will The Humanoids BTC be released?

April 17th, 10 AM PST


At what price will The Humanoids BTC be released?

All Noid holders are eligible for the allow list. Mint will be capped at 2 per holder on a first come, first served basis. If there is remaining supply after 24 hours, the sale will open to the public.
Price: 0.007 BTC


What is the supply of The Humanoids BTC?

300 BTC Noids 1/1


What is the platform where the Launch will take place?

Magic Eden



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With Bitcoin Ordinals emerging as another exciting frontier, The Humanoids will secure their spot in blockchain history with The Humanoids BTC: a collection of 300 never-before-seen, hand-curated 3D Humanoids, inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each Humanoid BTC is constructed and hand-curated by combining only the most sought after, rare and aesthetically-pleasing traits from the original Ethereum-based collection.



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