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What is OmniSat about?

OmniSat with Omni meaning ALL, which is who this platform is for.

Omnisat is a public good being build by an open community of developers and core contributors, with the mission of creating a more usable DeFi ecosystem directly on Bitcoin.


OmniSat Team

Core Contributors to date are:

– Bunzy @0xBunzy

– Hath @hathbanger

– H @hWonderofWorld

– Hyke @0xhyke

– Robbie @rob_wasabi

– Jake @jakegallen_

– Jen @adultarts

– Mike @mikehostetler

– Jason @Jclineshow

– Robe @eternitybro

– Bizz @allbizzness

– V @MapMassiah


We would also like to thank these teams and individuals who have provided Omnisat robust infrastructure and guidance over the last 10 months.

Without them this wouldn’t have been possible – Best In Slot – Oyl Dynamics – Layer 1 Foundation – Unisats Open API – and everyone in the Ordinal community that has leant a helping hand along the way! This list is insanely long because the ordinal community came out at large to support this public good!


The intention behind the project

Create a robust Defi ecosystem on Bitcoin that compliments the ethos of Bitcoin while representing the values, interests, and traits of every past, present, and future Bitcoiner.



Highlights about OmniSat

The first Public Good on Bitcoin Layer 1 that is compatible with decentralized finance, governance, and self sovereignty.


What are your future plans for OmniSat?

Introduce decentralized swaps and liquidity pools that are compatible with native Bitcoin while allowing any and all Bitcoiners the ability to participate in governance of Omnisat.


Thoughts about ?

OrdinalNews and all unbiased coverage is vital to the Ordinals community that informs all ranges of bitcoin users about new tools and innovations on Bitcoin.



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