UniCross: Bitcoin Inscriptions on Layer 2


The First Cross-Chain BTC Inscription Minting Platform


What is UniCross?

Unicross is a versatile platform that enables users to inscribe, trade, and bridge BTC assets on Bitcoin Layer 2. Through UniCross, users have the capability to mint Layer 1 BRC-20 tokens(including ARC-20, BRC-420, and others) directly on Bitcoin Layer 2.

Unicross provides users with the flexibility to make payments using various blockchain assets, such as BRC-20, BTC, and ETH. When users complete the minting of BTC assets, they are granted stTokens, which can be traded on the Unicross Marketplace or swapped for Layer 2 ERC-20 tokens.



UniCross Team

J (Co-Founder)
5 years of crypto project marketing experience, deeply involved in the SOL ecosystem. Among the first to participate in the Ordinals ecosystem, core team member of iDclub, key contributor to basedArtists and Skelly Uni projects.

Daniel (CTO)
14 years of development experience, serial entrepreneur, full-stack engineer, core developer of an app with over 500 million users. Co-founder of several Web3 projects operational in BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC.

Co-founder of 2 successful Web2 tech startups. 3+ years of experience leading Web3 operations, business dev, and strategic partnerships. Current co-founder of Panz, a startup specializing in AI and blockchain developments across chains.


The intention behind the project

UniCross aims to address the issues of slow transaction speed, high slippage, poor liquidity, and limited asset use cases for BTC assets. Our vision is to make BTC assets easier to understand, join, and use, by providing our users with practical inscription services with improved processing capacity, reduced usage costs, and optimized transactions. By combining BTC’s safe storage with Layer2’s infinite possibilities, we aim to demonstrate the greatness of Bitcoin once again.



  • Offers cross-chain BTC inscription minting on Layer2.
  • Allows users to pay with multiple chain assets such as BTC and ETH.
  • Issues stTokens as vouchers for redeeming Bitcoin Inscriptions on Layer2.


(UniCross Genesis Statistics – Trade on OKX & Magic Eden)


What are your future plans for UniCross?

UniCross will be launching on mainnet on the merlin chain with features inscribe and marketplace features, allowing you to mint inscriptions, trade your L2 assets(stTokens) on UniCross Marketplae and swap your stTokens to inscriptions bridged to L2.


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UniCross is dedicated to enhancing the convenience, liquidity, and utility of inscriptions on BTC Layer2 by simplifying the process for everyone through a series of product features like minting, trading, launchpad, and DeFi. We’re teaming up with the best BTC Layer2 builders to expand the possibilities of BTC inscriptions for everyone.



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