UniCross: $RUFI & Runes


The First Cross-Chain BTC Inscription Minting Platform


What is UniCross?

UniCross is a cross-chain BTC inscription minting platform on Layer2.


How does UniCross work?

UniCross, a platform already deployed on Merlin, enables users to mint Layer1 BRC-20 (as well as Rune and other protocol) on Btc Layer2s. Users can pay the gas fee with multiple chain assets such as BRC-20s, BTC, and ETH. Upon minting, users are issued stTokens that can be traded on Unicross’ Marketplace or exchanged for Layer2 ERC-20 Tokens.



UniCross has launched $RUFI, the first Rune Token on Merlin Chain and is actively developing solutions for fair distribution of $RUFI and to support the Rune protocol.


$RUFI is the first-ever Runes token on the @MerlinLayer2 that can be swapped from BRC-20 to Runes at a 1:1 ratio via ‘BRC-20⇄Runes’.
The launch of $RUFI was completely fair, and we have already completed the airdrop for all eligible users on the Merlin Chain (25% supply). More than 700K wallets have received the $RUFI airdrop, making it a truly epic and historic moment!
We’ve got more planned for the rest of 75%. Further details to be announced.


UniCross‘s Rune protocol!

UniCross has recently announced its support for the Rune protocol. On April 13th, the UniCross team integrated the Rune protocol into UniCross testnet, making it possible to mint and index assets under the Rune protocol.

The launch of Runes on the UniCross testnet has generated a lot of excitement. Within just 12 hours, over 200,000 Rune mint requests were made on the UniCross testnet. The total minting fees have surpassed 6 BTC. Currently, the Bitcoin Testnet mempool transactions have exceeded 150k, and the gas fee rate is over 20 sat/vB.

Within 48 hours, the Bitcoin testnet’s mempool transactions surpassed those of the mainnet, with gas fees reaching an unprecedented 30 sats/vb. The UniCross testnet has already received more than 1,600,000 Runes minting requests, accumulating more than 50 BTC in minting fees. Currently, the Bitcoin testnet’s mempool is overloaded with over 500,000 unconfirmed transactions.

The UniCross team is excited about the upcoming launch of Runes and encourages everyone to get a head start by exploring the Rune protocol FIRST on the UniCross testnet today. Visit testnet.unicross.xyz to learn more.


Merlin’s Phantom

The UniCross team is excited to announce our collaboration with @MerlinLayer2 to launch Merlin’s Phantom. This partnership is a significant milestone for UniCross as we work towards realizing our goal of unlocking the potential of multi-asset capabilities on Layer2 through our partnership with Merlin Chain. Merlin’s Phantom makes it easy for multi-chain and multi-protocol assets to flow and exchange seamlessly. The two companies are working together to remove barriers and enable the smooth transfer of assets between different protocols and chains.

All tokens to enjoy free, instant, and permissionless interchange without requiring additional assets. Liquidity can be kept within the community, and can be utilized across various networks such as BTC L1, L2, ETH, Solana, and others. The asset can take multiple forms and can be used for various purposes.


1. NFT -> FT Having more liquidity.
2. FT -> NFT Hold the tokens by holding the PFP NFT.
3. BRC-20 <-> Runes <-> Atomicals <-> … Migrate your tokens to other protocols.
4. Bitmap/BRC-420 <-> BRC-20/Runes/.. Multi-utilities in different scenarios.

NFTs can be utilized as game assets, while FTs can be employed as game tokens. Additionally, these assets can be freely bridged across multiple chains such as Bitcoin L1/L2s, ETH, and Solana.

This initiative is expected to greatly enhance the liquidity, interactivity, scalability and utility of these assets.



(UniCross Genesis Statistics – Trade on OKX & Magic Eden)


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