April Unleashes Merlin’s Season: Merlin Starter


The accelerator for all BTCLayer2 projects


Merlin Chain currently stands as a prominent leader in the heated realm of BTC Layer 2 solutions. As a key player in BTC’s ecosystem, Merlin Chain has seen a continuous rise in Total Value Locked (TVL), now exceeding $3.6 billion. With the release of its governance token, $MERL, around the April BTC halving, Merlin projects are grabbing everyone’s attention. In recent developments, Merlin Chain’s first native Launchpad platform, Merlin Starter, is gearing up for the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of its platform token, $MSTAR, set for April 12th. Could this herald a new era of wealth creation? In the forthcoming article, we’ll explore this question from various angles.


Comparison of the TVL of Merlin Chain and other chain



What is Merlin Starter?

Merlin Starter is Merlin Chain’s first native launchpad platform and a Bitcoin Layer 2 Accelerator. It is dedicated to unlocking native assets on the Merlin Chain across various protocols, with the goal of expediting asset circulation and growing the Merlin and Bitcoin ecosystem.


Merlin Starter is an integral component of the Merlin Chain ecosystem


According to the tokenomics model officially disclosed by Merlin Starter, tokens distributed through the IDO will account for 5% of the total supply. In this instance, 50 million tokens will be publicly available for sale (out of a total issuance of 1 billion tokens). Based on the sale exchange rate, the estimated sale price for one $MSTAR token is approximately $0.04. From this, we can extrapolate that the total market capitalization for the $MSTAR sale will likely exceed $40 million.


Merlin Starter Tokenomics


According to the official tokenomics, as much as 36% of the total supply of tokens will be directly contributed to the development and decentralization of Merlin Starter. Additionally, fundraising rounds in private sales typically come with lengthy lock-up periods lasting several years. Consequently, the actual circulating supply of $MSTAR will be much lower, resulting in relatively minimal selling pressure on the token price in the future.


Further analysis of its tokenomics:

  • 10% of $MSTAR tokens are allocated to reward early supporters of Merlin Starter. However, only 5% will be released at TGE to minimize initial selling pressure.
  • In order to incentivize active participation in the development of Merlin Starter, 36% of the tokens are designated for community rewards.
  • For growth purposes, 2% of the tokens will be allocated to marketing.
  • To address potential liquidity issues within the Merlin Chain ecosystem, 10% of the tokens are reserved to facilitate asset circulation.

Holders of $MSTAR will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to allocated IDO pools for participation in new token offerings.
  • Staking $MSTAR to receive various rewards.
  • Priority participation rights in airdrop events.



The first phase IDO raised over $500 million, securing its position as a top traffic platform.

On March 28th, Merlin Starter’s first IDO project, MerlinSwap, saw its token $MP successfully raise approximately $500 million, with over 50,000 participants contributing. This achievement marked a historic milestone in blockchain history, boasting the largest IDO record to date.


Data for Merlin Starter’s first IDO


MerlinStarter’s first $Star Points campaign engaged with over one million wallet addresses, showcasing an impressive performance and solidifying its status as the premier gateway into the Merlin Chain ecosystem. It’s foreseeable that in the future, all top-tier assets will seek exposure, funding, and launch opportunities through Merlin Starter. With a proven track record in successful IDOs and a broad community base, Merlin Starter is poised to attract ongoing collaborations with high-quality projects. This continual partnership with top-tier projects will create a positive feedback loop, driving the price of $MSTAR token upwards.



The Spellbook NFTs have flipped over 24,000 times, emerging as the market’s most coveted asset.

On April 3rd, Merlin Starter released a total of 5,500 units of NFTs called Spellbook NFTs. The initial price surged from 0.00000420 BTC to 0.1 BTC, marking an astonishing increase of approximately 24,000 times. It maintained the top spot on the Element trending market for a consecutive week, with its market value currently stable at around $5 million. As the appetizer for $MSTAR, the remarkable surge of Spellbook NFTs is a testament to the market’s enthusiasm for Merlin Starter and the anticipation for the release of $MSTAR.


Spellbook NFT trading volume dominates the Merlin Chain leaderboard


With the initial pricing almost close to free mint and a series of mechanism designs largely reflect Merlin Starter’s commitment to prioritizing the community. As revealed in official Medium articles, Spellbook NFT holders will have the opportunity to receive $MSTAR airdrops and exclusive whitelist qualifications in the future by staking their NFTs. It’s easy to imagine that MerlinStarter will continue to focus on the community as its core, continuously empowering $MSTAR and Spellbook NFT holders moving forward.


Spellbook NFT Staking rules



Based in the BTC ecosystem, it has garnered support from numerous leading BTC communities.

In just one month since Merlin Starter starts to operate Twitter, they have gained numerous supports from the top-tier BTC communities:

  • Within the Merlin ecosystem, Merlin Starter has forged deep collaborations with core communities like MerlinSwap and Mineral. Through initiatives such as Star Drop, it provides traffic exposure and high-quality user acquisition, thereby facilitating the growth of projects within the Merlin ecosystem.
  • In the realm of BTC Layer 1 assets, Merlin Starter has formed strategic partnerships with numerous leading Brc-20 communities, including SATS, RATS, AINN, BTCS, RCSV, and MMSS. Additionally, it has collaborated with prominent Ordinals NFT communities such as Bitdisc, Xmonkes, and RatsFriends. Together, they aim to jointly promote the market and foster growth.
  • On social media, Merlin Starter gained nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter. On Telegram, it has over 40,000 members, encompassing regions including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Europe, and the United States. The community is highly active, with over 10,000 messages exchanged daily within the group.
  • OKX Wallet, a Web3 multi-chain wallet under the OKX, announced on 13th March that Merlin Starter has joined its ecosystem.


Merlin Starter’s Partners




Looking ahead, Merlin Starter is currently positioned with the perfect combination of ecological momentum, support from the BTC ecosystem, and issuance capability alongside a large user base.

With these factors in place, there is a significant possibility that Merlin Starter could emerge as the Rising Star of this bull market cycle. Highly recommend readers to pay attention to the $MSTAR IDO launching on April 12th and its subsequent developments.


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