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OCM is the passport to the wealthy digital nation 



About OCM

OnChainMonkey is the Genesis collection for the OCM Community, better known to some as the ‘Wealthy Digital Nation’ to the initiated. OCM Genesis is a piece of history. It is the first on-chain PFP collection created in a single transaction on ETH (Ethereum blockchain). Genesis is an on-chain NFT (non-fungible token)  collection. This means, Genesis was “drawn” by smart contract code, and all the images and meta-data are on-chain and generated by the smart contract on the fly. Genesis is the first on-chain 10K profile pic (PFP) NFT collection completely created in a single Ethereum transaction. OnChainMonkey Karma collection is the 2nd collection as an OCM membership NFT  launched on June 29, 2022. Holding an Incredible Karma K1 or Divine Karma K2 is a great way to start off in the Wealthy Digital Nation. The OCM Karma collection was created by Academy Award-nominated art team and lead animators of Ice Age, Rio and Ferdinand over a period of 9+ months. There are three types of Karma of varying in rarity and there are up to 20,000 Karma tokens in supply. To learn more about the ‘Desserts’ airdrop, consuming your on-chain dessert or anyother OCM questions, please visit the OCM Wiki and OnChainMonkey website.




Mint Date

June 15, PT 12PM


Mint Price

0.08 $BTC





About OCM Dimensions

OCM Dimensions ‘The First 300’ has so many interesting aspects to it, it’s hard to know where to start. A new nugget of information that was released when the Dimensions tab on the OCM Website was that this collection are 1/1 masterpieces that are inscribed on Satoshis from January 2009. According to Blockchain.com (Blockchain.com 1st BTC P2P Transaction), the first public transaction on the BTC blockchain was on January 11, 2009 at 10:01am. This means ‘The First 300’ may be extremely coveted Satoshis, due to their early creation on their own, before the innovation that will be added by the OCM Dimensions inscription. Wow! Another interesting element of The First 300’ is that the OCM Genesis DNA is going to be taken from OCM Genesis that the Metagood team has in the company’s vault. These select Genesis have not been traded and include numerous rare traits that should make for amazing OCM Dimensions on BTC. For many that have dreamed of owning these Genesis OCM ‘grails’, this may be the only opportunity to have your very own of those rare traits. Heading down a more technical route, OCM Dimensions will utilize a ‘recursive inscription’ method that was recently merged in the Ordinal Theory Github. If you want to know what is really happening on an everyday basis, this is where you go. Many aspects are well beyond my knowledge currently but it’s amazing to see the ‘sausage being made’ as they say.



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