not your ordinary ordinals



Skoons is a story-driven art project on the Bitcoin Blockchain


The Team is developing a captivating interactive storyworld mixed with a new way of displaying Ordinals Art. The storyline will be updated weekly and holders will have a significant role to play, their unique characters may also feature in the evolving plot.


Additionally, they have plans to adapt the skoons story world into books and short films in the future.
But Skoons’ innovative approach to art doesn’t stop there. The project’s team has been working in the NFT space for over two years, and they recently hosted a special NFT event with Veefriends and Bored Ape members. Now, they are planning to take it to the next level with one of the first Ordinals Art Exhibitions, which will showcase Skoons’ art and that of their partner projects.




Mint Date


Mint Price



The mint date and price will be announced in the next two weeks.


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